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Marcia’s Story (Fibromyalgia)

Marcia's Story (Fibromyalgia) LRI always felt like I was in pain. My muscles and bones hurt. I would go from doctor to doctor – all telling me that there was nothing wrong with me. I was really getting frustrated. I knew that there was something wrong with me and that I wasn’t just crazy.

Finally, when I was 28, I found a doctor who listened to me and then he told me that I had Fibromyalgia. Finally, somebody believed that there was something wrong with me. It can really get frustrating when you know that there is something wrong with you and nobody believes you. You really feel like you are crazy and that you’re imagining things.

South Carolina
Submitted 8-31-11

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Nancy Straka

    I also have fibromyalgia, this is a disease that takes
    so much life out of a person I look like a perfectly
    healthy person but I am in pain 24/7, I am as tired in the morning as I am when I go to bed. There is no cure for this, there are medications that a person can take, some work, others not so much. When I have a good day then I over exert myself trying to catch up and the next day I’m worse than before. For anyone who has this then you understand what all goes with this but for those who don’t, if a friend tells you that she has been dx with fibromyalgia then you need to understand that not only is there pain and fatigue nit also depression, feelings of inadequacy, etc Bless you all

  2. Vicki Crumm

    I have fybromyalgia, chrinuc fatigue, cervical dystonia, hypo thyroidism, and arthritis in my spine hands and knees. I am in pain 24\7. I have no health ins. I have just had to reduce my hrs. At work cause i just cant take the pain. Wondering if ppl beleive me or they think im a hypocondriac. BUT I HURT! ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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