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Lisa’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Small Bowel Cancer)

Lisa's Story (Small Bowel Cancer) LRI am 46 years old and was diagnosed with stage 4 small bowel cancer on January 31, 2011. Not only did they find 3 tumors on my small bowel, there was also a tumor on my ovary. I had surgery 2 days later in Pittsburgh, PA which consisted of a small bowel resection x3 and a total hysterectomy.

I became pretty depressed throughout this process but thru the help and support of my husband, family, and friends, I continue to get stronger and have a more positive attitude. I went thru 5 1/2 months of chemo which ended in September 2011. My recent scans were GREAT and I am officially in remission. Praise God!

I would appreciate continued prayers and support and/or stories from others who have gone thru or know someone who also has this somewhat rare cancer. Thank you and God Bless! xoxo to FLAGC!!

Submitted 12-21-11

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  1. Helen

    Congratulations! I’m very glad to hear you are in remission.
    I was diagnosed with colon cancer on Dec. 23rd 2011. Stage 4. I also had massive surgery with 8 feet of bowel removed as well as a hysterectomy and various other bits and pieces. I was given an iliostomy ( the dreaded bag). I also had weeks of chemo and radiation so I can totally identify with what you have gone through.
    I’m very lucky and blessed to be able to say I am having the iliostomy reversed on Oct 9th so no more bag! I still have a few more weeks of chemo to complete after I heal and then I hope to also say that I am in remission.
    God bless you and keep you strong and healthy!
    Oshawa, Ontario

  2. Cindy Reagin

    Hi, Lisa. I was diagnosed with this rare form of cancer in May 2012. I had sugery to remove a tumor and bowel resection. I went through chemo for 1 month, then decided to stop it. I was told 50/50 chance of the cancer coming back in 3-5 years. My last blood work showed everything normal. Most days I feel good. Have had some trouble with my iron being unusually low,when that happens I feel really exhausted and out of breath. A cancer diagnosis changes your life forever. I know you already have found that out.
    I will be wishing for the best for both of us.
    Best of luck,
    Cindy Reagin
    Terre Haute, In.

  3. HELEN

    Hi Lisa~~I to had colon cancer July 2007–I had surgery with 14 in of colon removed.I had 8mo of chemo…Praise God i have been cancer free 5 yrs.. It saddens me to read your story, i feel the pain & siskness you are going through..You will be on my Prayer list..May God continue to hold you tight…~~~HELEN FROM AR~~~


    I hope you continue to do well, thanks for sharing your story.

  5. Trish

    Prayers for you from a sista survivor of stage IV cancer (although not the same kind)

  6. Maria

    I would like to find out from Lisa in PA who treated her small bowel cancer in Pittsburgh. I’ve just been diagnosed with stage 4 and I have heard that PA has good doctors for this type of cancer.

  7. CIndy

    I was diagnosed with small bowel cancer, stage IV with mets to ovaries, omentum and lymph nodes, in March 2017. It would be great to hear of people who lived longer than 3 years. They gave me 6-9 months but I am still here. I go to chemo every other week, I feel good and feel bad, about 50/50…mostly depressed.

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