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Kathy’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Kathy's Story (Breast Cancer)  My journey is a long one. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Jan 2008 after doing a self- exam. The tumor was 3 cm and the cancer was hormone- and HER2+. I did 18 rounds of chemo and 35 radiation treatment then a lumpectomy and 9 nodes removed. In June I was cancer-free.

In Feb 2009 severe pain began and my breast was fire red. My surgeon said I was paranoid and needed a better bra so I went to my family doc. He sent me to a new surgeon who did a biopsy. I had stage 3 inflammatory cancer – did several rounds of chemo the rest of the year and had a masectomy in Feb 2010 and none of it worked so more chemo. In Sept 2010 I was cancer-free again.

A few months later I found several small tumors on my chest. A biopsy showed stage 4 metastatic cancer in my chest wall. Started oral chemo which sent me to the hospital with renal failure. I took a six week break and a vacation and started IV chemo today 7-14-2011.

In spite of all this I am very blessed. I have a wonderful family and friends, a year old grandson and another on the way. My faith in God is strong and I will keep fighting like a girl!!!!

Submitted 7-14-11

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. michelle

    I have had the privilege of being a part of Kathy’s family for the past 12 years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer the same year her son and I got married. It was very hard for us to plan a wedding with the uncertainty of her being able to even be there physically or even mentally. Then we blessed her with her 1st GRANDCHILD, which made her want to fight even more. She is a strong woman and will defeat this horrible nasty disease. With her strong faith in GOD, she will over power it. We love you very much!

    Chris, Michelle & Brady

  2. Nancy D

    WTG Kathy! Your fight, perseverence and passion is inspirational! I have no doubt you are doing everything possible to win this battle! I am in your court and you are in my prayers! And, I plan to see you at our 50th HS reunion!


  3. Linda

    I to had breast cancer twice,first time hormone 2001,2 x same as you 2010.WOW you started chemo day after my birthday.I did chemo from March/Nov,2010 every 3 months I have to go get blood work for the next 5 years.The 2x cancer was stage 3. none in nodes Thank God. God Bless Linda

  4. Lindsy

    Aunt Kathy!

    You continue to amaze me! Your strength and will power is so inspirational to all of those who know you. Cancer sure met its match when it met you. Continue to fight like a girl and beat this terrible thing. We are all backing you!!!!

    Love you lots,


  5. Becky

    Kathy, my friend, your strength and courage are an inspiration to all who come your way. I don’t think you have a clue how in awe of you we all are. We all wonder “would I be able to handle everything she’s had to endure if this was me?” And, of course, we all hope we never have to find out. But, should the unthinkable happen, you are a shining example of courage, faith like I’ve never seen, grace, and a “never give up, never give in” attitude that we should all be lucky enough to possess. Keep the faith, sister, as I know you will, and we’ll see you at the Race for the Cure.

    Love ya, Becky

  6. Kathy

    Linda, Thank you so much. God bless you and I pray you remain cancer free.

  7. Sandra Tillis Reising

    Kathy–Keep up the FAITH…God is truely on your side..Love ya my FRIEND.

  8. Sandra Tillis Reising

    Kathy–God is on your side–Keep up the Faith..Love ya my FRIEND

  9. Tammy

    Kathy has been a very dear friend of mine for 37 years, we have been through so much together, but this has been the toughest fight of her life!! And believe me she is a fighter, for her family, faith and friends…. You will beat this!!! LOVE YOU GIRLFRIEND!!

  10. Deb Elliott

    Kudos for Kathy! Cousin Kathy is the best of the best and an inspiration to the rest of the world!
    Love from Debbi

  11. Debra Ryun

    Kathys story is very inspiring. Today I found out my breast cancer ia back from a stage 2 to a stage 4. 4 has always been my favorite number until today. My cancer is now bqck in my chest wall and two other places. I AM GOING TO FIGHT THIS WITH EVERYTHING I HAVE so I can qatch my aon graduate high achool in 2014. Tha k you Kathy for your story. I will keep you in my prayers.GOD. LESS YOU.

  12. Deborah Hemphill

    Kathy, you are an inspiration to me. I just finished my year of treatment for Stage 2 Invasive HER2 pos Breast Cancer (lumpectomy, chemo, radiation, herceptin) on August 11, 2011 & had my port removed on August 18, 2011. I am progesterone positive so I am on an anti-hormone for 5 years. I had my first post treatment mammogram September 22 & I was so very nervous. I didn’t calm down until I was told that I was okay until next year. My last year was hell on earth and there were days I just wanted to give up. The fears of recurrance are in the back of my mind whether I dwell on them or not and probably always will be as I always have been a bit of a worry wart. But if you can fight on through all you have then I can learn to live despite all the anxieties & fears of recurrance. Thank you for sharing your story!

  13. Cheryl Blackburn

    I am new here , just had lumpectomy with sentinal lymph node biopsy on Oct 6th. Got results back from bipopsy last night and I will need masectomy after all with chemotherapy.. I was hoping the worst was behind me.. but looks like the gloves are going back on and time for round 2 ! I’m glad to have this site to read some postive stories, and be able to share my feelings…. prayers for all… Cheryl

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