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Cause: Migraines

Erika’s Story (Migraines)

Here is a little introduction : Hello! I’m Erika, a 23 year old wife and mommy of two boys. I’m from New York and currently enrolled in college. Life was wonderful until two years ago when I had my tonsils and adenoids removed. A few days after I had them …

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Lauri’s Story (Migraines)

I’m 56 years old, a little too old to have developed this type of a migraine, or so I thought. I was always super busy and working in my cosmetics shop. Mind you nothing and I mean nothing could keep this “old chickie” down until about nine months ago when …

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Jamie’s Story (Migraines)

Hello, my name is Jamie. In April of 2008, a terrible migraine hit me. I had had migraines before, so I just rested and figured it would go away. After weeks of the pain not ceasing I started seeing specialists. I can’t even count how many tests and treatments I …

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