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Caryn’s Story (Crohn’s Disease)

Caryn's Story (Crohn's)In 2004, at 16 years old I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after two misdiagnoses of lupus and lyme’s disease. Only weeks after my diagnosis I was in and out of the hospital having surgeries and receiving most of my nutrients via TPN through a PICC line. I went from being a very active teenager playing softball to someone who was unable to get out of my house most days because I was doubled over in pain or in the bathroom more times than I care to share.

That is only the start of my journey because this diagnosis has certainly made everyday life a challenge. Graduating high school was only made possible because I did home schooling during my sickest times my junior and senior year. College has been difficult to get through, but I haven’t given up on getting my education to do big things with my life. I knew I had an excuse to just give up on everything I wanted during my toughest moments. I had a choice to throw a pity party or fight back. I guess you can say I fought back, because nine years later I have been working as a LPN (nurse) for three years and am on my way to becoming a RN.

This disease may have given me more than my fair share of set backs in life, but it has also given me this amazing new path I am on. I have decided to go into the medical field because I want to help others who go through the same things I do. I want them to see that there is something worth fighting for! I have met some amazing people and I know I have even helped some people by continuing to fight this disease and sharing my story.

I will be 26 in a few short weeks and I would have never imagined ten years ago, at my sweet sixteen, that I would be this amazing person I am today. ALL BECAUSE I AM FIGHTING LIKE A GIRL AND FIGHTING BACK!

Currently I am in a flare and likely facing my second bowel resection surgery in a few weeks. I have been through this before and I am prepared to fight back!

Caryn P
New Jersey
Submitted 7-2-2013

The informational content of this article is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Tracey

    I love your story Caryn. Keep fighting like a girl..

  2. Nichole Crabtree

    You go girl!!!! Keep fighting like a girl! If you keep fighting you will continue to overcome hurdles. You might have a few that bring u back a step but when you get up and brush off you know how much harder you have to fight to get over it.

    • Caryn

      Thank you! I will not ever give up. I will be meeting with my surgeon on the 26th and will probably be having surgery next month sometime. Thanks again for the encouraging words! Giving up is never an option!

  3. mreyn

    thank you so much for sharing. My son is 12 with Crohns , on Remicade IV infusions every 8 weeks and pentasa. I am so grateful for those who suffer with this horrible disease who choose to go into the medical field to hopefully find a cure !!!

    • Caryn

      I hope your son is doing well. I use to be on Remicade as well for a few years. I am now taking Humira and have been on it for 3 years and 7 months now. I will be having my surgery sometime next month, I meet with my surgeon on the 26th. I am unsure right now if I will continue to be taking Humira as my doctors are unsure if it is actually helping me.

  4. dawn

    I have autommune diseases. I know some people find LDN halts Crohns and relieves symptoms.
    I want to try it. I am curently researching it.
    Thought I would ut that option up here for you too.
    Hope you do well in the caring professions.

    • Caryn

      Thanks Dawn. I know of LDN but my doctors never suggested. At my next appointment maybe I will ask why. I am currently researching my options bc Humira is no longer working for me. I had surgery August 12th at Mount Sinai in NY. I am feeling better now, but in order to keep me feeling better I have to be on a treatment/medication that keeps it that way. Thanks for the suggestion!

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