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Carol’s Story (Cervical)

2016 was the most challenging year of my life.

Although life has tested me many times before, this test I never thought I could win.

In October 2016, I became very sick. My breathing was giving me issues, but I ignored the signs and continued on with life.

In January 2017 ,after months of difficulties with my health, I went into heart failure. I was rushed to the hospital.

I am left with an enlarged heart and will have to take medicine the rest of my life, but  I’m lucky to be alive.

If that wasn’t enough, five short months later, I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer.

Three surgeries later and I am just beginning to understand how much my life has changed.

I will continue to find the strength to get through and hope that all my pain is in the past. Be brave and stay strong.

Submitted 05/28/2018

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