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Ashton’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Pelvic Congestive Syndrome)

Ashton's Story EndometriosisHi, my name is Ashton, and I’m from Alaska. In August of 2012, I noticed my cramps getting severely worse. By the time February 2013 rolled around, I had been in the emergency room and seen several doctors. My pain was so bad that I couldn’t move, and no test, exam, or ultrasound found anything. My doctor diagnosed me with endometriosis in March of 2013.

I have been on so many different medications to try to control the pain. My doctor has tried to avoid surgery as long as possible, since I was only 17 when I was diagnosed. Well, now it’s getting to the point that I cannot move for 5 days when I have my period. The surgery is planned for August 2015. I have to admit that I’m scared to death. I can regularly feel the pain getting worse and more problems with it every month.

I’m scared that my dream of becoming a mother someday may be hard or impossible to attain. But I know that I have family, friends, an amazing boyfriend who does everything he can, and God to watch my back and help me through this. Fight like a girl, everyone!

Ashton PCS

UPDATE (8/17/15): A few months ago, I posted about myself. I explained how scared I was about the surgery I was having in August. Well, I just completed the surgery and good news: I don’t have endometriosis! But I do have something called Pelvic Congestive Syndrome, which causes vericose veins inside my uterus and explains all of the symptoms I’ve been having. Thank you so much for the support I received on here and the prayers!

Submitted 02/08/2015

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    Bonjour Ashton,

    You are a wonder ! Going through hell and yet thinking about babies , complimenting your family , noticing all who are near you and of course your boyfriend ♡
    You know Ashton , being” pregnant” does not make you a mother, but being a great mom is a blessing whether your an “adoptive mother” , ” spiritual mother ” , or a ” fantastic aunt ” hahaha !

    You have a compliment that many wishes they could have …
    … that positive outlook in life !


    With love from Québec, Canada
    Brigitte Estelle xxxx

  2. Stacy Pierce


    Be strong, and positive..endometriosis can ruin a lot of things, but dont let it ruin your spirit! it took my husband and I 4.5 years, but we were able to get pregnant.

    what kind of surgery are you having? we are here for support! 🙂


  3. April

    Hey you are still young and can do anything you want. Like you I found out I had endometrial cancer in 2012–but I had to have my hysterectomy in Jan 2014. I couldn’t take the pain and the medication they had me on was killing me in all other parts of my body. My dream of being a mother will never come true now—but I have NO pain. And I cant lie I am tore all to pieces for not having a child of my own, but I can say I am cancer free now.

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