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Amy’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Amy's Story 2 (Breast Cancer) LRI was twenty nine when I was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer. I was in complete shock. Cancer does not run in my family and I thought I was super healthy. I ate good food, did yoga, meditated, and so forth. It didn’t matter. Cancer does not discriminate.

Since then I have had a bi-lateral mastectomy, chemo and radiation. It has been a crazy journey but I have met some awesome women along the way – most young like me!

Here is a letter I wrote to the cancer cells:

Dear Mr. Cancer Cells,

I am writing to tell you to suck an egg, go play in traffic, and eff yourself. I do not care which order you do these things as long as they are done. As you know, you and I have a love/hate relationship. You thought you could come in and invade my boob and then my body. Well, you did a great job trying, I will give you that. But I spotted you before it got too serious. You have taught me a lot so far which means I can’t completely hate you. I will tell you what you have done to make me hate you and how I turned it into love.

~You took my summer of swimming, partying, and dating foolish boys away but because of that I learned that dating foolish boys is never a good idea, partying is overrated, and I can swim anytime I want.
~You caused my boobies to be whacked off but now I have bigger boobies that won’t ever sag.
~You made me surrender to the medical field with all their drugs, surgeries, and sanitary rooms but I found a ND who helps me with nutrition, acupuncture, supplements, and she helps me find a nice balance between eastern and western medicine.
~You made it so I can’t work but instead I have had the chance to experience how generous and loving the community I live can be.
~You took my life and put it in the middle of a huge storm but I am learning to dance in the rain and love the thunder.
~You have made me lose my hair but now I get to flaunt my perfectly shaped dome.
~You have tried to make me feel insecure but instead I feel empowered and confident.
~You tried to put the fear of God into me but I know that fear is a non-reality and that God is pure love.
~You have made me scream, cry, and feel like I am going crazy but I have a huge support system with shoulders to cry on and ears that will listen.
~You tried to make my world spin until I felt sick but I figured out that slowing everything down is great idea. That I am better off to take life minute by minute. I can’t control the future and now is all I have.

So, I guess you should know that you have not destroyed my life. You have made my life better. So, I can’t completely hate you for what you have done. Instead I should say thank you for waking me up, thank you for teaching me what is important, thank you for helping me detach from the drama. Don’t get me wrong – I still want you to go eff yourself and to know that you are never welcome to invade my body again.


Yet another strong woman who plans to kick your ass.

Submitted 10-16-11

The informational content of this article is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Brenda

    Amy I love your story you have said it all so well. I also have been fighting my comment is always I’m kicking cancers a**.support is the best you can have to get through this I couldn’t of made it without my family and friends. You are a warrior stay strong!

  2. Anita

    I just finished treatments for breast cancer and I think your letter is right on! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Rose Ann Martinez

    That is so AWESOME Amy!!!! As one breast cancer survivor to another I couldn’t have said it better!!! Because that’s exactly how I feel and live my life now!! God Bless You My SISTER!!!

  4. Shauna

    Thank you so much for sharing!! I am just over the threshold of this new path. Had a mediport installed today. Chemo will start soon. You give me hope! People tell me I am a strong woman, and I am – most of the time. Then I am not. Then I am again, and articles like this really help me keep a good positive attitude.
    I am determined to kick cancers a$$!!
    Thanks again!!

    • Karen

      Shauna, stay strong girlfriend.!!! Chemo really sucks, have someone with you for your treatments. I thought that I could drive myself for treatments but kinda hit a car after my first one! A co-worker drove me to the rest and made treatment much more enjoyable. If I can be any help, please reach out.


  5. Deb McKay

    I felt like I was reading my lifes story exactly 1 year ago. I was diagnosed 2 weeks before my. 40th birthday. So much for that party instead I started chemo for 20 wks. Not what I call a birrhday present.
    I pray everyday I dont have to experience that nightmare again. Thank you for saying what I along with many other woman feel. All the best to you always.

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