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Amey’s Story (Pancreatic Cancer)

Purple Pancreatic Cancer RibbonI was a nurse for almost 20 years. In August 2004 while sitting in church I developed excruciating stomach pain. I was taken to our local hospital where they it was discovered I had idiopatic pancreatitis. From August 2004-July 2007, I had multiple surgeries and 32 hospital stays, the longest being 47 days. However, in all this time, no one could find the reason I kept developing this condition.

I was sent to Medical University in Charleston, SC for stents to see if it would help but on my 6 week follow up it was discovered the stent had damaged the pancreatic duct and I would require surgery to repair. God sent a miracle that day for as I was in the operating room the dr discovered my problem; PANCREATIC CANCER. He removed my spleen and 1/2 of pancreas on this day, and within 2 weeks I was being sent back home to Georgia for my chemo and follow up care. There were days I was so sick, I felt like it was time to give up! But I made up my mind that I was NOT A QUITTER, God was on my side. I have two children who are my life and I was determined no matter what I was gonna live and always be by their side!

I have been cancer free for almost three years now, however, they have found some small spots that have returned, but guess what?….I have faith, I am no quitter. I will fight til the end! My main goal is to keep on with my fight so I might be able in some way help spread the news about this horrible thing they call CANCER…and share my story so that others know to NEVER GIVE UP OR BE A QUITTER!

Submitted 9-7-10

This article is intended to convey general educational information and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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