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My Review of The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability

I purchased this book a few weeks ago, as I have been having some serious problems with intimacy due to my pain-riddled body. As it is such a taboo topic, I thought maybe a book would explain the situation more clearly, and perhaps give me some suggestions on how to feel remotely attractive (as chronic illness does not equal sexy feelings!).

The book is excellent for breaking down myths about sexuality and those who have disabilities and chronic illness. It teaches you that just because you don’t have the same interpretations and sensations as before, doesn’t mean that there aren’t still places on your body that will respond favorably to touch.

As someone who used to work at an “adult” store, I didn’t need much help in learning about the wide variety of toys that can be used. However, for those without that background knowledge, I think it could be a very helpful set of suggestions!

My favorite part of the book were the exercises at the end of each chapter. They really provoke you to dig deep into your mind in order to determine what you like, what you are willing to try, and how you truly feel about yourself. I haven’t finished all of the exercises yet, but I can’t wait as I’m learning so much about myself!

If you have a chronic illness or disability, and have difficulties making intimacy enjoyable – I highly recommend the purchase of this book.



This article is intended to convey general educational information and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.


  1. Nicole

    It is such a taboo topic but the elephant in the room really. So many of our medications also cause low or no libido and who wants to be intimate when you hurt? It’s good to get this info out there because I think it’s a universal thing. So many women and men interpret their worth or attractiveness with sex. Sounds like this book helps you to learn other ways to be intimate and acceptance!

  2. Enid

    I live with Lupus SLE and there are many things that come into play, the pain, fatigue, depression, weight gain…. I could go on and on. Plus, it’s hard when your sensations are dulled from the disease & medications. I use “toys” to help with my partner and tell him that it’s for both of us…. ha ha –

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