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Kara’s Story (Endometriosis)

Kara's Story (Endo)I was diagnosed with endometriosis in April of 2010 at the age of 22. After many months of agony and many visits to the ER with no end or pain relief in sight my doctor finally decided it was time for a laparoscopy to determine if endometriosis was the cause. I had already had one child at this point so I was certain that it couldn’t be endo. I remember waking up after surgery in recovery and hearing the words “endometriosis” come from the doctors mouth. I immediately burst into tears and asked, “Will I be able to have another child!?” My heart sank! If they were going to find anything the last thing I wanted it to be was endometriosis as I had longed for another baby.

The doctor told me if we started trying now there would be a possibility of another pregnancy but we should not to wait much longer as she had removed a lot of endometriosis. Blessed by God above, my husband and I became pregnant after three months of trying! As some of you may know during a pregnancy symptoms go into remission and you are just left with the symptoms of being pregnant! After I delivered in March of 2011 it wasn’t a month later that I started feeling pain again.

I was positive the endometriosis was back. By this point I had the two boys I wanted and if it came down to a hysterectomy to save me from a lifetime of pain I had decided this is what I would do! I was referred to a doctor that did the robotic hysterectomy which made for a faster recovery. I went in and sure enough by my symptoms and my tenderness to touch he confirmed that he was almost positive it had returned. He listed off many options of birth control, shots, etc. I told him that I was done having children and that we should just do the hysterectomy and call it good. He said because I was only 23 that he would like to leave my ovaries and take the rest  of the endo out. He felt there was only a five percent chance the endometriosis would return after removing everything else.

We proceeded with surgery in August of that year. I felt great after recovery from surgery. I thought for sure my endometriosis was behind me but in the months that followed I began to feel pain again. I thought there was no way that it had come back, it had to be scar tissue or something else causing pain! The pain got worse and worse and by May of 2012 I broke down and went back to the doctor who again said he thought it was back. Not wanting to endure another surgery both physically and financially I put off surgery until the pain was too great!

In September 2012, I was back in for another surgery and his suspicions were correct, the endometriosis had grown back on my ovaries now leaving me with a one percent chance that it would come back again after this last surgery! It had now been a year that I have been living pain free! Unfortunately these last couple months I have been experiencing cramping, shooting pains, and major headaches. As usual I block it out hoping and praying that there is no way it has returned, but as always the pain always gets worse and the symptoms show their ugly little heads!!! Now the decision at hand; do I attempt another surgery? Do I have them have take my ovaries, live on estrogen, and run the risk of cancer (not only because of the hormones themselves but because cancer runs in my family), or do I live in pain due to the endometriosis? I would love to chat with any of you ladies battling this horrible disease and possibly learn more about what helps and what doesn’t.

Submitted 11/08/2013

The informational content of this article is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Sameerah

    Hello Kara

    I have had this disease since around 12 years old (my cycle starting at 10) the symptoms were so bad I was almost talking out of my mind! I found that serious changes in diet has been a great means to helping out with this disease; after about 6 years of serious pain during my menses (so much pain that I could literally do nothing but sleep during it-as during this time I was unconscious and couldn’t feel it, though it would even wake me up sometimes) I finally was able to have 2 back to back cycles of almost NO symptoms ( I finally felt cramps though which was nothing compared to endo!). I have noticed now how much my diet affects me-if I stray off of the correct endo diet I am right back in bed. I know that each person is different but here are some guidelines I follow:

    NO NO NO processed soy (when I used to do soy milk on the reg…I had the worst symptoms)

    Stay away from dairy (if you must indulge, then leave off 2 weeks before your cycle)

    Cut off or reduce refined sugars (store brought cookies, candy, etc…..again if you MUST then stay off about 11/2 weeks before your cycle-consider this your pre-cycle pamper me time)

    Reduce your caffeine (especially during your pamper me time)
    Increase your water
    Increase your fiber
    eat/drink those things that promote digestive health as well as liver/reproductive health

    These are some of the things which have helped me Alhamdulillaah (All Praises be to Allaah-God- Alone) and I hope they can help you as well!

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