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Dawn’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Breast Cancer)

Breast Cancer Stories This story has been removed at the request of the author.

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This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Abby Prlur

    I am so proud of you!! Love ya Pen

    • Sherri

      So proud you got fooled by her lie! What a joke!

      • Gina

        It’s probably her making the comments.

        • EFFDAWN

          ^^Agree! Wouldn’t be surprised! So SO sad she lied about such a thing.

      • Kim

        I hope you end up with cancer you dumb bitch!!!

  2. Jule

    So proud to be part of “chillin with baby Pen” team. Thank you for allowing me into your life via the big head. Love you girl and we fight with you always!!!! Love you sister!!!!

    • Sherri

      Is she dead yet!

  3. Frank C

    She is a liar. You need to take this story down. It takes away from the true cancer fighters stories.

  4. Sherri

    LIAR! I am a 5 time true warrior. I hope you are locked up, taken away, living somewhere that you never see your family. You truly make me SICK. You speak of God. He’s watching, thankfully, and someday true justice will be deliver to you.

  5. Jamie

    You guys should print an addendum to this post exposing that this woman was a huge fake who used a terminal illness that any of us deal with on a daily basis for her benefit. Keep the post up and expose it for what it is. People need to know this occurs.

  6. MetaB

    It is truly disgusting how you have manipulated people who care. You now soured their experience and helping thanks a lot because some of us who actually need help because we’re fighting stage 4 you just ran us through the mud! You’ve created doubt an innocent minds and I hope that you are charged to the fullest extent of the law and I hope that you have to pay back every single penny he is stolen from caring and loving people and you should truly be ashamed of yourself

    • AnotherMetster


  7. Gina

    She’s like 45 weeks pregnant now. Hmmm

    • Carla

      Baby is in kindergarten by now


    This woman is BEYOND a liar, she’s a psychopath. She ‘claimed’ she had a daughter, has been married 10 times, on some sites says she had cancer when she was 4, on another site it says she was due January 22, claimed she lost her hair (never happened), and weighs a solid 350-400 lbs, so her size has not been affected. Oh yeah, she also lied about being pregnant with twins just a year and a half ago. She not only created, but put all over Facebook her ‘bucket list’ and was telling people she was going to die, but then kept pushing the date back due to ‘necessary’ blood transfusions. Not to mention the blood drive, the gifts for her so-called baby(ies), GoFundMe account, which after it was removed, she cried on Facebook asking why people are doing this to her. To ask people for money, their time, their sympathy, all b/c she’s a sociopath and pathological liar. Who lies about having CANCER?! That’s seriously one of the worst things I’ve ever heard. She’s ruined relationships, taken money, and destroyed trust. I hope she gets prison or worse.


      Dawn created the go fund me account herself under a fake name. That’s why it was shut down!


    This poor excuse for a human infiltrated an online Pregnant-With-Cancer support group, and we took her in as a member and gave her unquestioning support. Now I found out that her entire situation is a big fat lie. (I just read the entry above, where it’s evident that she’s a devout admirer of our Liar-in-Chief – why does this NOT surprise me???) She should be ashamed of her disgusting self. KARMA IS A BITCH!

  10. Erin

    Some of us actually had cancer while pregnant and are NOT liars, makes me sad this is still up, You do know shes under investigation along with her husband who’s a COP!

  11. Jessica

    This woman’s entire story is a lie! Those of us who were actually pregnant with cancer are angered and hurt that we befriended Dawn Brown. She is a fraud. There’s a special place in Hell for people like her.

  12. An actual MBC patient. Unlike Dawn.

    1. There was no 2.3 million given to Cancer Research in her honor
    2. There is no senator under that name
    3. Dawn was not in DC lobbying for cancer . I know this because I WAS there
    4. Does anyone actually believe Trump or Pence would wear a shirt for an MBC dying woman that says Chillin with Baby Pen? No- they would not
    5. Senators and Congressmen do not get cancer patients hooked up with trials for cancer. That is what oncologists and advocates do.

    Lock these scumbags up

  13. KM

    What a fraud and I hope you one day know what’s its truly know what it’s like to have “REAL CANCER”. Not some made up fake story to profit from others! Shame on you !

  14. Itcaughtuptoyou

    Beyond furious here. Dawn Brown and her husband Ken are lying pieces of crap. She isn’t pregnant nor was she last year. She wasn’t in Washington lobbying with us, I was there and believe me, we would have seen her. There wasn’t 2.3 million given because of her story. She showed up at an event with her husband in a new Escalade, yet she’s hurting for money? She wasn’t going to survive the never-ending pregnancy and birth, yet she’s carried this baby longer than any human? A senator interceded and got her drugs in a matter of days? The president wants to wear her teeshirts? She had a blood drive in front of her husband’s police union hall, how shameful is that? Her husband is a disgrace to our police forces and should lose his badge. These 2 POS made money on our dying backs and for that they both should rot in hell. Dawn, I hope you read everything that has been written about you and your low brow disgusting life here in the comments. Know you are now hated and there’s no hiding from your scummy choices. If nothing good happens in your life, it’s probably because you and your husband don’t deserve it. I hope you do real jail time.


      I hope she does jail time also! Let’s not forget how she created numerous fake accounts on Facebook. One of her fake accounts under the name Erica James created a go fund me account and also a Meal Train account for her to eat ( like she really needs more food)! I hope she pays for this!!! EVERYONE knows it was BIG DAWN who created that account. It was reported for fraud and shut down! Lock her up!!!

  15. Dyingwithstageivbc

    I hope she really get stage iv breast cancer so she knows what its really like. Liars are the reason people with stage iv are questioned. We do not lose our hair, look sick until the end or if we are lucky enough to get iv chemos.
    This women needs to live the daily hell myself and other women that actually have stage iv do everyday. Jail and being sued isnt nearing close to what this women deserves. Inject her with some cancer cells guaranteed she will sing a different tune.

  16. Jessica

    This woman is the definition of demented and evil. She needs help and to be locked up and off the streets as she is not doing ANYthing positive for this world. There is a very special place in Hell for her and anyone who helped her with any of this. Justice needs to be served to her. Dumb bitch.

  17. Patrick/Connor

    This woman’s fabricated tale for financial gain/sympathy from unexpecting people is the purest form of evil there is in this world. If Karma does truly exist then Dawn won’t actually get cancer as some are suggesting above, instead she will in fact actually get pregnant, give birth to a healthy baby who will then grow up to be a psychopath that abducts and tortures its own mother. As far as I am concerned, Dawn and her husband should be locked away for fraud and being demonic. I am equally disgusted by her husband, because I am of the belief that there are two people in this world that should be trusted without question: your doctor and your local law enforcement. I hope President Trump DOES hear about this scandal and decides to build a wall to keep people like Dawn out of our Nation. She can climb her non-pregnant, non-cancer-having ass up into that Escalade and drive into the Canadian wilderness for all I care. This makes me ill. Dumb bitch.

  18. AnotherMetster

    I am so disappointed that this story is still being shared.

    • Carla

      Keep it up to expose her!!!!

    • Fraudhater

      Why ? Keep sharing ! The world should know she’s a fraud along with her fraud cop husband !

  19. Patty

    You are a pathetic, ridiculous bitch!!!!!! Karma will get you and get you good for what you’ve done!!! I really am a Metastatic Breast Cancer fighter….and I struggle every day…..and when I see ignorant people like you take advantage of people’s good natures and generosity, I want to scream!!! It’s people like you that make it harder for people like us to get funding for research, or donations to help with every day needs. I always said I would never wish this on anyone, but hey, if you want to play the victim so bad, then I hope you do get it and REALLY suffer like we all do that really have it. I hope they throw the damn book at you, and you have many years to sit in prison and think about what you’ve done. You will be going to hell for what you’ve done!!!

  20. Phil Trexler

    I’m a producer at WKYC TV 3 in Cleveland. We have been working on this story for a week. If you’d like to help expose the truth, please call me directly at 216-344-7491 or email me at ptrexler@wkyc.com and I will respond.
    Phil Trexler

    • Carla

      Expose this person, seems as if this is her career!!!!

  21. Beth, Stage IV Breast Cancer

    You are a despicable human being. Your flight disgusting lies are being unveiled. I hope you lose your home, your health and I pray for your soul. To blatantly and boldly lie about Stage IV cancer to buy new cars and God knows what else while those of us with MBC are fighting for money for research for a CURE! I hope your children get help they need having a deplorable mother as an example. May you rot in a prison cell…and be given chemo. You want to say you have cancer, take the medicine.

    • Andrea McIntosh

      She has no children!

  22. Carla

    Prayers to all the women having cancer its terrible that someone can lie about something so terrible. Karma does come around maybe not as fast as some wish but it does. Keep on fighting and god bless you all. oxoxoxo

  23. Bridget Hall

    What a POS fat whore. I hope you rot in hell! Who does this? God bless the people who are sick with this terrible disease. Dawn Brown needs to be brought down, if anyone can tackle that fat nasty bitch, and put in a cell like the animal she is. As far as her like 10th husband Ken Brown, I hope you rot in a jail cell for not reporting this you sick fucks.

    • VKN

      Are you the Bridget Hall that made the meal train for her on facebook? Sucks to be fooled by your friends looks like a lot of other people were too! I pray for all of the people that were victims of these monsters.

      • HATES A LIAR

        Bridget Hall is actually Dawn Brown! This is one of her many fake accounts, she does this all the time. She will bash herself under another name waiting for someone to defend her. She is nothing but a LOSER!

  24. Mrs. Sutton


  25. Former Friend Of Ken

    I was a close personal friend of Ken’ s & from the moment he told about this girl it ALWAYS seemed off. Several friends approached me stating the entire thing seemed odd.
    Add to these last few months of everything becoming just bizarre & more & more outlandish as they posted updates needless to say Ken’ s childhood friends were shocked to find out he was actually in on this scan but not shocked that this was all fake. It all just never added up.
    Ken personally told me this King Sized Fraud was a trust fund baby & was worth millions of dollars & has several buisness’ including a landscaping one & security company etc.. & even then I walked away saying there’s a freak in the wood pile some place. But because respect for Ken the benefit of doubt was given.
    Ken was a well respected & liked person in Vermilion & now unfortunately because he fell to the side of this Goliath Size Fraud Lady he has lost any clout he had with people.
    Those of us who truly know Ken know he’d never call for a Two Ton Tussie like this Dawn chic. So to climb on that whale & knock her up twice seemed doubtful anyways.
    I hope she gets jail time & Ken gets help & away from Dawndre The Giant. She is a slap in the face of any cancer survivor, patient, or victims of cancer. To come up with this elaborate story she missed her calling & should’ve went to Hollywood & wrote scripts & a book or two. They couldve paid her in Twinkies.
    What a Whale Of A Story!
    Shame on you Ken Brown & Dawn (Hefty) Brown!
    Tommy G

    • Karma will get you

      I called this the first day i seen her!! Was waiting for you to call her/them out but we all rolled with it because we care for ken. I wondered what she offered him couldn’t figure it out. I stood by them as a friend would do till the last few months then started putting 2 and 2 together. It’s just wrong!

    • Fraudhater

      Do not defend him! He WAS A COP! He absolutely doesn’t need help he needs locked up with his fraud wife! A dirty cop is right at the bottom with people who fake cancer ! They were in it 100/100 – now he gets his cop pension because he was allowed to retire! Just the lowest vermin on the planet these two !


      Dawn, anyone who knows Tommy knows he would never say these things about his best friend. We are all on to you. Are you looking to get another charge on your Rap Sheet? Impersonating another person is a crime you dumb heffer! The above comment has Dawn the criminal Brown written all over it! Get a life a get away from Ken!

  26. Melissa

    She deserves to rot in hell I have watched my family and close friends die of this disease. I can’t believe anybody can lie and use cancer as there way to get money for themselves and continue to make up more stories. You both make me sick and I pray you get what coming to you. You are reason that makes it hard for anybody donate to people in need cause liars like you. Hope you rot in hell you POS

  27. tommy Gunn

    Not sure who you are but ill say this if you are trying to be me the real Tommy Gunn thats some bs. Someone made me aware of this comment and i just want to clarify I do not have the same feelings as you and im a firm believer in days to come we will see what the real story is. I mean come on people watch the news. Shes got a history of this same bs. Kenny does not.
    His history is simply this:
    1. Hes a 25 year for the Cleveland Police Department. In his 25 years he became a detective with the gang unit where when allowed by the upper brass ha has taken countless amounts of drugs of the streets and put shit tons of people in front of a jury to determine their fate.
    2. hes got 4 years of military service to our great country.
    3. hes helped raise an amazing young lady.
    4. hes always above and beyond to help his friends with whatever issue they might have.
    So again not sure if your trying to be me so he can see this and think im not on his side cause i havnt talked to him but i will leave this here just incase he does read this.

    • Concerned

      It’s a fact that he posted at the hospital with his beautiful wide when in fact he was sitting in their house together. It’s a fact that he had a wedding and wedding reception long before he ever got married. I could go on and on. People change for various reasons. I get it, he’s your friend, you knew him as a great guy but if you research and learn all the facts you will see he’s guilty and I think it’s sad that he’s going to cry boo goo and get out of this.

    • Wake up

      None of us would like to think our friends could do something like this. Did your friend not attend any doctor appts??? You said he raised a wonderful young lady which makes me think he would go to see the ultrasounds, check ups etc. Seeing this BIG women lied tell me how he did not know??? Sad in this case he retired and we may never know what caused him to hook up with a lard ass. MOST men have heard their babies heartbeats and in this case their was 3 to pick from. #scam#lies#offeredsomething#wrong

    • Gina

      I’m sure he does but…. wasn’t he a detective? Lol.

    • Fraudhater

      You sir are obviously delusional if you think he is a victim here!

    • Erica James

      All the husband caught on early expect for one and Ken. Whats the reason they had a wedding party knowing they were not married until 11-17???

  28. NotHerFirstCircus

    Ken isn’t her first victim. She’s done this before, but without the cancer. She is sick and horrible human. She is a master manipulator. The fact he’s a cop makes it worse and much more public. If you dig into her past there is a lot more. She uses guilt to make you feel empathy for her. This man will need a lot of help to recover from all the shit he’s been fed.


    I really hope they can charge her with something and she goes to jail. She is a terrible, disgusting, horrible, sick, gross human being.


    Dawn you are nothing but a big time scam artist. I’m sure you are reading all these comments because I know how much you live for drama. You are the lowest form of scum there is. For anyone to pretend to have cancer, you have major issues, you are one sick person! There are many women who actually do lose babies. Pretending to be pregnant and lose every baby you have is something a sick, psycho , evil creature would do. You knowingly have hurt Ken, a man you are supposed to love. Your deception is affecting his family and friends but what do you care?? It’s all about DAWN! So many of us can’t wait to see you behind bars and in your prison stripes. Smile nice for that MUGSHOT!!!!!

    • Erica James

      Prison stripes I’m sorry do they make them that big?? Im sure Dawn is all over this along with the news etc she acts like shes this do good person when really shes a piece of shit!!! She only loves herself and is more then sick in the head!! Hey Dawn you fucked with a cop did you think his friends would not catch on??? Your a dumb ass!

      • MadAsHell

        “Erica James” another fake Dawn name. Her fake best friend on FB. The best friend who started the GFM page to rip off the people that donated to Dawn and Ken. THAT’S what’s going to land them BOTH in jail. Can’t wait to see Dawn perp walked. So. “Erica” aka Dawn…have your laughs now but soon you’re going to be some prison bitch’s sock puppet. Have fun with that.

        • Erica James

          I used the fake name as a joke seeing if Dawn can do it so can I. Dawn is a evil witch that deserves to go to hell with all her lies etc………Shes insane and hopefully gets put in the wacko ward instead of prison.

  31. Tonya Bongalis

    I ran a 5k in Strongsville for Dawn, Ken and baby Kassidy. I fell for their story because I respected Ken having known him for many years. I met Dawn that day along with many of their family members and told them of the story of my 3 year old niece who IS fighting for her life with cancer (neuroblastoma) and Dawn said she would keep my niece in her prayers. I do believe I was the only person that showed up that day to run for her/them and they left before the race was over. I still have trouble believing Ken had anything to do with this, it really shakes me and crosses my mind all too often as I see my niece truly fighting for her young life. Shame on you Dawn

    • Erica James

      May I ask how you dont think Ken had anything to do with this?? He was told she was skinny and a yoga teacher so when he met her she was a VERY over weight person! He still talked to her. Telling people they were married and having a party taking gifts etc. They got married 11-14-17 so did he know he wasnt married back in the summer of 2017?? Where is all the baby things from the twins??? Why did they have another baby shower??? Did he not know where they put the baby stuff??? As much as people may not want to believe I could bet my life he knew!!!!

  32. Tommy Gunn

    Hey it’s me tommy Gunn. Kens best old buddy pal. I went on channel 3 and did an interview saying how I knew this was a scam all along, but I failed to mention I gave him a “baby pen tattoo” and was playing tough guy just a week prior to anyone who called this scam for what it is.

  33. Erica James


    The Cleveland Division of Police is currently investigating a complaint of possible fraud being conducted by the wife of a retired Cleveland Police Officer. The female is suspected of making fraudulent claims regarding her medical condition(s). She is also suspected to have solicited donations via social media with online campaigns. Investigators are still gathering evidence pertaining to the female’s medical records.

    The Police Officer associated with the case retired as of February 7, 2018.

    Area hospitals have issued statements to their employees and patients to be aware of her presence in order to ensure that their patients are safe. Charges have not been filed in this case. The investigation remains ongoing.

    Investigators continue to work to identify victims of this fraud. Anyone who believes they have contributed to accounts on behalf of Dawn Brown, or anyone with information regarding this matter, is asked to contact the Division of Police at 216-623-5346 .


    Dawn, so ironic how you have removed this lie of yours! You are too stupid to know the police already have this sob story you have told people for years. We all know you are making comments on here so I know you will see this. You are the lowest form of scum there is. How could anyone ever love you?? Your are disgusting!! Thank the Lord you haven’t brought any children into this world! You would be a horrible mother as you are a horrible human being. Rot in jail, good thing is you will actually lose weight in jail. Lol!!!!


    She’s been dying from cancer when she had invisible triplets back in 2002. 10 husbands later and sad they fell for her lies. How could you be 350 lbs if you had cancer and was dying back in 2002? This Dawn chick has major issues.