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Cyndi’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Cervical HPV (Human Papillomavirus))

Lime Green RibbonMy name is Cyndi, and in January 22, 2013, I was diagnosed with Cervical HPV. I remember the first thing I did was break down crying. When I was first diagnosed, I could not believe that something like this had happened to me. I had three partners my whole life and serious relationships with all three. Worst of all, I found out that my current boyfriend, who I had been with for a while, had cheated on me and had not used condoms in the process. I felt disgusting, lost, and suicidal. I can’t say how many treatments I had to get for my cervical HPV.

The reason I want to share my story though, after being clear of HPV since October 2013, is that I know everyone reading this is going through such a hard time right now. You may be thinking you’re disgusting. You may be thinking you are not strong enough to handle this, but you are!!! The number one person that helped me through this process is my doctor, who recommended me to one of the best treatments for cervical HPV called Cervugid Ovules (a vaginal suppository). First, I took 3 boxes of Cervugid Ovules with 7 day breaks between them, and after 6 months and another 3 boxes, my next visit to the OB/GYN resulted in a negative lab result for cervical HPV. Now I am free of cervical HPV infection.

My message for women is to not take your health for granted, and take steps to prevent cervical HPV from happening. Don’t wait! Go in for your regular physician check-ups, and pay attention to what you can do to control and manage your health, especially if you have a young family depending upon you. You don’t want to be surprised with these results like I was, and you don’t want to depend on the doctor to remind you or call you. Double check what you need, and take your own action.

God Bless,

New York
Submitted 08/20/2015

The informational content of this article is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

This article is intended to convey general educational information and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Nocervugidovules

    I am posting my experience here so you don’t make the same mistake!

    After searching the internet for cures for BV and HPV, I ran across Cervugid Ovules I noticed that all of the blogs that had listings/information, it seemed like maybe their team were the ones leaving the info (leaving testimonials with instructions on how to take? Questionable…), but I ignored it because I was thinking how else does someone in Romania push their products into the US organically? When I wrote to ask questions, Alex (the creator of the product) was very attentive. I went ahead and ordered two rounds of it, based on our email exchange, I had been dealing with reoccurring BV ever since my colpo, and I was hoping the ovules would just about cure anything and everything, I guess… Of course, it was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. I used a suppository the first day, and felt a few tweaks inside my abdomen that were unusual. I ignored them, thinking it was the medicine doing its job. On the second day of use, I was getting STABBING PAINS in what I would *guess was my left ovary. They were so sudden and severe that I literally jumped out of my seat as they happened. No, no, no, that is definitely NOT right. I wrote to Alex, to let him know what was going on, he said no one had ever had that reaction. I told him I would like to send back all of the unopened boxes – a little less that $300 worth of medicine that I simply will not use. When something causes pain like that in the body, you’d better listen! All of a sudden, the email correspondence stopped. No response. No refund. No nothing. I can’t even tell you if these work or not, because after the second day of using them and the incredible jolts of pain I experienced, I stopped using them. Pain free now, and I looked for a less severe answer. I found boric acid suppositories; ordered them for a fraction of the cost and they worked. Avoid the costly (and painful!) mistake of ordering cervugid ovules. Do not buy them – there is a reason they are not approved for use anywhere!

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