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Start a Fight Like a Girl Fundraiser today and raise funds for your Relay for Life, Run for the Cure, or other awareness event! It's easy, it's fun, and our Fight Like a Girl t-shirts and merchandise nearly sell themselves! Fight Like a Girl Fundraising offers several ways to raise money for your cancer or disease organization, charity, or even for a particular person in need of medical expense assistance.

Here is how the Fight Like a Girl Fundraising Program works:

  1. Fill out the short form below.
  2. We will send you, via email, the flyer template(s), order forms, and worksheets for you to use for your fundraiser.
  3. You take orders and collect payment as you go.
  4. Once your fundraising goal is reached, tally up your orders using the worksheet(s) provided, then place your order online. You pay discounted fundraising pricing and keep the difference for your fundraiser proceeds.

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