Cancer & Awareness Wristbands

Wristbands for Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Lupus, MS, Cervical Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, More

Our silicone wristband bracelets are available in many colors and slogans for bringing awareness to over 100 causes including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lupus, MS, cervical cancer, endometriosis, epilepsy, Chiari malformation, colon cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, childhood cancer, and more.

  • Official Fight Like a Girl brand
  • 100% medical grade silicone, latex-free, no rubber
  • Text is filled with ink to make your wristband really stand out – which means more awareness!
  • Individually packaged with Fight Like a Girl branding – ready for fundraising, gift-giving, or stocking stuffers

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  1. Cancer Sucks Wristband Bracelet in Hot Pink for Breast Cancer
  2. Cancer Sucks Wristband Bracelet in purple for Pancreatic Cancer, Leiomyosarcoma, GIST
  3. Cancer Sucks Tie-Dye Wristband Bracelet for all Cancers by Fight Like a Girl
  4. "In The Fight" Ink-Filled Silicone Wristband Bracelet - Blue, White
  5. Lymphoma Muscular Dystrophy Wristband Bracelet Heaven Needed a Hero God Picked Mine
  6. They All Matter Silicone Wristband Bracelets All Ribbons and Cancers
  7. Fight Like a Girl Thyroid Cancer Wristband Bracelet
  8. Cancer Sucks Teal and White Wristband Bracelet for Cervical Cancer
  9. Organ Donor Wristband Bracelet ID and Awareness
  10. Fight Like a Girl Wristband in Black for Melanoma, Skin Cancer, Narcolepsy
  11. Fight Like a Girl Wristband - Blue
  12. Fight Like a Girl Wristband - Burgundy for Multiple Myeloma, Brain Aneurysm, Sickle Cell Anemia
  13. Fight Like a Girl Wristband Bracelets for Carcinoid Cancer, EDS, Neuroendocrine Cancer
  14. Fight Like a Girl Wristband - Purple

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  15. Fight Like a Girl Wristband - Lavender