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Jodi’s Story (Breast Cancer)

jodis-story-breast-cancerMy journey began when I was diagnosed with Stage 3a breast cancer in October 2012. I had a lumpectomy with 13 lymph nodes removed. I then was treated with 6 rounds of TAC (Taxotere, Adriamycin and Cyclophosphamide) chemotherapy and 33 sessions of radiation. I was in remission and even celebrated my 5 year anniversary to celebrate being considered cancer free!

Then in January of 2019 I was diagnosed with MBC (Metastatic Breast Cancer) in my liver. I was then treated with the recommended treatment and 8 months later I had a CT scan that showed the tumors were growing. My treatment was then changed and I began having severe side effects from the medication. My physician decided to put me on weekly Taxol chemo treatments. I also developed a PVT (portal vein thrombosis) which would block any chemo getting in to the liver; so I started taking daily blood thinners.

At the beginning of January 2020, my physician told my husband that if the blood clot would not dissolve, then I would only live 4-6 more weeks! Well here I am 6 months later and I am doing excellent!!

Submitted 07/09/2020

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Tami Redman

    So proud of you and that smile!!!!!!

  2. Cathy Brown

    So proud of you Jodi because you keep on fighting and living and loving your life as well as you can!!!

  3. Karla Green

    Your such a fighter and you come from a long line of strong women, thankfully!! In my Prayers daily! Hugs.

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