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Fight Like A Girl Book Partnership

“The healing that can grow out of the simple act of telling our stories is often quite remarkable.” -Unknown

Sharing stories and experiences is a huge part of the Fight Like a Girl Community. Whether it is through sharing Power Stories submitted from warriors all over, or encouraging discussions about different experiences with all women’s health issues, we are finding ways to relate to and inspire others.

Queen Amanirenas illustrated by Hila Ronas
Queen Amanirenas Illustration

We are excited to announce Fight Like a Girl Foundation is partnering with an author that is looking to support and empower women by sharing stories of women warriors throughout history.

Artemisia I of Caria Illustration
Artemisia I of Caria Illustration

Michael Lewis’ newest book, Fight Like A Girl shares the stories of 25 women warriors, including Deborah Sampson, a woman who fought in the American Revolutionary War by disguising herself as a man. This is Michael’s first historical nonfiction middle grade book and features water color illustrations from Hila Ronis.

Author Mike LewisWhile his book celebrates women warriors throughout history, he will be empowering women warriors all over battling cancer and other life altering diseases and adversaries. A portion of proceeds from overall book sales will be going to Fight Like a Girl Foundation and our programs to encourage and support all warriors like you.

The book is available to purchase now, and you can check it out on Amazon here.

If you are interested in sharing your Power Story, you can submit it here.

Is there a story about an empowering woman that has inspired you? Who is it about? How has that story inspired you?


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