Friday, June 9, 2023

Fall Fitness

Change is inevitable as we (reluctantly, if summer lovers) move into the fall season. In addition to the changing color of the leaves, is the changing dynamic of our lives.

This inescapable change in nature can have a direct effect on health and fitness if not prepared. Without the extended, warm summer days, there is much less opportunity to live an active lifestyle. So are you still getting enough exercise? Without the fresh, outdoor BBQs, eating habits will change. Are you still enjoying colorful, healthy foods? Being aware of these slight lifestyle changes will enable you to make the fall fitness transition as smooth as possible. The quality of your health and fitness in the fall can also enable you to enter the holiday season with a great baseline, and the strength you need to prevail through a tumultuous November and December.

Stay Active

Don’t be deterred by the cooler temperatures. The same beautiful resources that you enjoyed during the summer are still available to you. Replace shorts and bathing suits with jeans and sweaters and get outside for a walk or bike. Parks, beaches, and even your own street are beautiful in the fall. Appreciate your outdoor environment in it’s new season while still staying active.

Eat Fresh

As we say goodbye to the fresh summer foods, say hello to the foods of fall. has a comprehensive list of fall fruits and vegetables, their nutritional content, and exactly how to prepare them. The same way you incorporated fresh, summer foods into carefree outdoor barbecues, try the same with your weekend football get-togethers. Avocado, carrots, and sweet potatoes are among the many that will keep your fall eating habits deliciously in check.


Take a Time Out

Much of the disordered eating and non-activity that comes with the fall and winter seasons are a result of the hectic, and somewhat depressing, lifestyle they can bring. Shorter, colder days can leave time for nothing more than a day of work. This situation can be depressing for most people, or inflict seasonal affective disorder in others. Visit MayoClinic’s page on seasonal affective disorder to determine when symptoms require a doctor visit. To avoid typical fall and winter blues, be sure to take time to do the things you love. Schedule time for special events, and whenever the weather allows, try to get outside and soak up some crisp fall air.

There is no denying our love for everything summer has to offer. But the fall season presents great beauty, and opportunity to enhance your fitness program. Take advantage of the fall, it can give you a renewed appreciation for food, fitness, and your natural environment.

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