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Thank you for your interest in being an Expert Power Writer for the Fight Like A Girl Club! We are always looking for enthusiastic writers to provide valuable information to our members. As a Fight Like A Girl Club Expert Writer you will have the opportunity to share your expertise with others while increasing exposure and brand identity for your own website, blog, services and/or products.

How It Works

Besides an ‘Articles By Cause’ category, the Fight Like A Girl Club Power Blog currently has several ‘general’ categories including Nutrition, Fitness, Spirituality, and Alternative Medicine. The latter two often overlap with one another. While the ‘Articles By Cause’ articles must be written either by someone battling the cause being written about or a medical professional, contributions to our general categories may come from Expert Power Writers, Power Team Writers, Medical Doctors, and/or Expert Guest Writers.

The following outlines the requirements to be a Fight Like A Girl Club Expert Power Writer, the responsibilities, and the benefits:


  • You must have valid credentials in the area that you will be writing about – credentials need not necessarily be state-recognized licensing or certifications however in the absence of these types of accreditations you will need a proven track record in your expertise area
  • You must be passionate about your area of expertise
  • It is highly recommended that you have an already established blog/website/book/courses/training/education in your area of expertise so that we may review your writing style, reader engagement skills, etc…
  • You must be a respectable member of the online community/communities that you participate in
  • You must be committed first and foremost to providing valuable information to our Club members. Brand exposure for your business or product is allowed, however, it must not be or come across to readers like it is the primary focus of your articles. If you view this writing position solely as an advertising opportunity, we respectfully ask that you not apply.
  • May be female or male


  • Write a minimum of 1 original article per month (at least 400 words) on the topic of your expertise to be published on the Fight Like A Girl Club website (exceptional or previously popular articles that you have written and published elsewhere online may occasionally be used but they should be reworded as to prevent duplicate content issues with search engines)
  • Reply to comments, if applicable, left on your articles
  • Strongly encouraged to Tweet and Share On Facebook your newly published articles
  • Encouraged, but not required, to participate in the Fight Like A Girl Club’s Power Discussion Forum (if you choose to participate, we will create a Discussion category specifically for you and your readers to discuss your articles and other information related to your expertise area)Write For The Fight Like A Girl Club

What you get:

  • Most important benefit:  Satisfaction of knowing that you are helping and providing valuable information to thousands of women and men
  • A short biography and links to your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook pages, book, service, and/or product placed in a ‘Bio’ box beneath each of your articles
  • Slideshow / Home Page exposure for your article (length of time that each of your articles will appear on the slideshow varies depending on number of articles being published during that time period)
  • Each of your articles spotlighted to our 16,000+ Facebook fans and tweeted to our Twitter followers
  • Your picture and short biography on our Meet The Fight Like A Girl Club Experts page
  • Opportunities for periodic spotlights of your product or service via our slideshow and/or home page exposure

Still interested? Great! Please fill out the form below and submit to us. Please note that there is currently a limited number of Expert Writer positions available. However, should your application not be selected due to lack of available positions, we will keep it on file for consideration for future openings.

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