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So, What’s So Special About Green Tea?

Green tea for thousands of years has been one of China’s best-kept secrets to good health. This simple, unassuming drink contains lots of immune system boosting antioxidants. According to Web MD, green tea contains eight to ten times the antioxidants as your average fruit or vegetable. That’s an amazing bonus …

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5 Ways To Change A Bad Mood

5 Ways To Change a Bad Mood

Situations sometimes arise in our lives that have negative effects on our moods and feelings. In reality, some of these things do warrant a response and change in our moods which may be necessary at the time. However, if such moods are persisted in over long periods of time, they …

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People Who Play Sick Online – How To Recognize Them

Munchausen by Internet is a term coined by psychiatry professor Dr. Marc Feldman to describe the online manifestation of the mental disorder called Munchausen Syndrome, i.e., people who fake their own illness. People with Munchausen by Internet join online social groups and pretend to be ill because they crave the …

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Inspirational Quotes By Barack Obama

Being a good politician relies largely on being a good communicator. We want to be inspired by our leaders. Barack Obama is such a speaker, and some of his wisest words are collected here so you can share in his vision. Use these quotes as signatures on your emails, or …

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Diagnosis: Walking Pneumonia

Pneumonia: a scary word, not just to spell, but to hear come out of the doctor’s mouth when you or someone you know is diagnosed with it. It’s definitely a problem for those with compromised immune systems, such as children, the elderly or those who are HIV positive but quite …

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Tips For Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

How To Keep New Year's Resolutions

How many times has March rolled around and, once again, you’re mad at yourself. You weigh exactly what you did on December 31st, or worse, you’ve GAINED weight. You are no more organized than you were the year before.  Instead of the granola bar you resolved to eat as your …

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