Friday, September 18, 2020
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Jamee is an Endometriosis warrior and a Fight Like A Girl Club Power Team writer for Endometriosis. Visit Jamee at these places: Twitter: @newkindofnormal Blog: A New Kind of Normal Facebook: A New Kind Of Normal

Preparing for Surgery

Dealing with any disease is stressful and challenging. The doctors appointments, medications, and sick days are common fixtures in our lives. Unfortunately with endometriosis, surgery often happens more than once throughout a warrior’s lifetime with the disease. At this point, endometriosis can only be officially diagnosed through a diagnostic laparoscopy. …

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Taming the Endo Monster

For some women, dealing with endometriosis feels like being in a state of perpetual PMS. For others, it becomes a game of Jekyll and Hyde during that time of the month. Or during ovulation. Or all the time. It is different for each woman but I would think that all …

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