Friday, February 28, 2020
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Living with an Illness

Fibromyalgia and Men

Fibromyalgia breaks apart lives.  This we know. The lives of men with Fibromyalgia are affected in a different, but equally severe manner when compared to women with the syndrome.  As an illness that affects less than 10% of men in United States, Fibromyalgia leaves many males feeling especially inadequate about …

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It’s Okay To Not Know What To Say…

Priding myself on finding the right thing to say, I would spend hours composing what I thought would be the most comforting notes/emails/letters to those I needed to send condolences to for whatever the reason may be. I am also the type of person who spends a lot of time …

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Jingle Bells! (The Lupus Holiday Remix)

Yes lovies, lets all have a laugh! Delight in the humor of life because there are people all over the world who are going through tougher times than we are. Let's fight the blues together this holiday season with laughter, cheer, love, and if you must a lovely dash of sarcasm! So lets all share different ways to beat the blues so we can all have a joyous holiday! Here are some of my favorite ways to spread some cheer!

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