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Fight Like A Girl Hosts 1st Home-Based Photo Shoot


It began as a call out on social media. “Models Wanted,” the post read and from there it was on. People of various backgrounds and from all over inquired about what it would take to be involved. Well, what did it take? Not much honestly, just a positive attitude, willingness …

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Inspirational Quotes By Barack Obama

Being a good politician relies largely on being a good communicator. We want to be inspired by our leaders. Barack Obama is such a speaker, and some of his wisest words are collected here so you can share in his vision. Use these quotes as signatures on your emails, or …

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What Cancer Cannot Do

Several months ago, shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I received an e-hug via facebook from a complete and total stranger, in a response to a post I put on a facebook page regarding my cancer.  The e-hug I received contained a poem titled What Cancer Cannot Do. …

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