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Taming the Endo Monster

endo monste

For some women, dealing with endometriosis feels like being in a state of perpetual PMS. For others, it becomes a game of Jekyll and Hyde during that time of the month. Or during ovulation. Or all the time. It is different for each woman, but I would think that all …

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Barbara’s Story (Breast Cancer)

pink ribbon

I was 36 years old and in the prime of my life. My husband and I were involved in racing in our local tracks and some long distance tracks. One day when I was at the track, doing what I usually do – making sure the car was clean and …

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Julia’s Story (Breast Cancer)


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and here is my long story. I found my lump when I was 21 years old, and had finished nursing my son. I went to my doctor and he told me not to worry about it because I was too young. At …

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