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Karla’s Story (Breast Cancer)


On June 25, 2018,  I was doing a self examination of my breasts and found a knot. I went directly to the hospital, the biopsy was fine. I had a double mastectomy, total radical hysterectomy, did 4 rounds of A/C and 20 rounds of infused chemotherapy. On February 6,  I …

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Aida’s Story (Cervical Cancer)


My name is Aida, I’m a 46 years old  and a three time cancer survivor. I was first diagnosed at the age of 17. By the time I was 24, I had to have a radical hysterectomy, which included removal of my lymph nodes. My oldest child was 5 years …

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Amy’s Story (Breast Cancer)


I hope to be an encouragement to other women fighting this fight with me. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2020. The exact same time the COVID-19 pandemic started. I had my first mammogram at 40, which was normal. I am 41 and went in for my …

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Kathy’s Story (Breast Cancer)


I remember the day like it was yesterday, June 10, 2014. A day that came on the heels of having gone through 6 rounds of chemo, a double mastectomy, my husband telling me he wanted a divorce and my mother passing away. All within eight months. It was the day …

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Sandra Yohanna’s Story (Vulvar Cancer)


My name is Sandra Yohanna,  and I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Vulvar Cancer on December 11, 2017 at the age of 36. I had problems on my vulva for nearly 7 years prior to diagnosis. After more than a year of dealing with this horrible itch that wasn’t going …

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Tracy’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Pink Ribbon

Hi all, I am in the early stages of getting information. I noticed a lump a year ago, but my insurance made it hard to find doctors. I was finally able to locate one covered and he is a great surgeon. I now have a wonderful oncologist and will be …

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