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Emily’s Story (Lupus)

My family, my friends, doctors, and even strangers, they have all seen my pain. I questioned the other day how many of them actually know what it’s like to live with Lupus. I thought about it and in all honesty, I don’t expect anyone to know what it’s like, I …

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Katelyn’s Story (Lung Cancer)

My grandmother finished her last round of chemotherapy on my grandpa’s birthday, May 12, 2014. I can’t think of a better birthday gift she could have given to her husband of over 30 years. My grandma has lung cancer, and she is winning the fight. Her tumor is shrinking. The …

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Angela’s Story (Epilepsy)

Now, a 42 year old, mother of two, I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 19. After medication after medications and a near death  experience due to liver dysfunction, I’m back on the wagon train. This past weekend, I had a grand mal seizure for the first time in 17 years. …

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Kamyiah’s Story (Lupus)

Hey my ladies ! I am Kamyiah Blackmon and I am 15 years old. I found out I had lupus in late November of 2013. I remember (before finding out I had lupus) having inflammation in my joints all the time and they were stiff ALL THE TIME (I remember …

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