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Janelle’s Story (Breast Cancer)

On September 18, 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage III, at the age of 43. I can honestly say these have been some of my darkest hours. My cancer has become all consuming, inhabits my every thought, and sometimes difficult to keep inside. I cannot scream in rage …

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Lauri’s Story (Migraines)

I’m 56 years old, a little too old to have developed this type of a migraine, or so I thought. I was always super busy and working in my cosmetics shop. Mind you nothing and I mean nothing could keep this “old chickie” down until about nine months ago when …

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Lisa’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Breast cancer first entered my life when one of my best friends from high school was diagnosed with it and died at the age of 28. Shortly thereafter my ob/gyn, who delivered all three of my children, died from breast cancer at the age of 39. Because of these personal …

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Alida’s Story (Leukemia)

The most important thing is to stay positive. That is how I do it daily. In October 2013, after external pains, fatigue, left abdominal pain, and bruises on my feet, I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells type B. I knew I had leukemia before the doctor told me. …

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