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Sheila’s Story (Skin Cancer)

Sometimes we need to share our journey to help inspire those who need it and sometimes we need to read our journey to remind ourselves how far we have come and continue to push ourselves to become the best we are meant to be. My path since May 2012… At …

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Hannah’s Story (Brain Tumor)

I’m 17 years old. Two years ago I had a seizure my 10th grade year, it still haunts me everyday. I’m in 12th grade now and I’m having trouble moving on from that seizure. My mom and dad tell me I need to drive, my sister’s tell me I need …

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Jenn’s Story (Lupus)

When I was 13 I was taken to the hospital for blue fingers and toes, and I had been sleeping more than normal. The hospital diagnosed it as Raynaud’s phenomenon and lupus.  For several years after that, along with various doctors, I was diagnosed and undiagnosed. I had barely graduated …

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Colleen’s Story (Ovarian Cancer)

“Listen Carefully, It Whispers.” A few years ago I would have asked, “What in the world does that mean?” Today I understand completely. I’m sure the start of my dance with ovarian cancer began close to five years ago when my period that started in November 2008 did not end …

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