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Jenna’s Story (Hepatitis C)

In 2007, I went to my physician for some routine blood tests. About a week later i received a document in the mail from the health department stating that I had tested positive for HCV. At the time I wasn’t sure what hepatitis C was or how I had it. …

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Ashley’s Story (Aplastic Anemia)

In November 2011, around Thanksgiving, I was sent straight to the hospital after my first blood test ever at age 13. My blood counts were very low, my platelets were three (normal is 140-450), my hemoglobin was less than eight (normal is 12-14), and my white blood was very low …

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Barbara’s Story (Osteoarthritis)

My name is Barbara Tullous. I was diagnosed three years ago with degenerative hip disease. I also have bad knees. It’s starting to look like I may also have RA. I work at a psyche hospital 40 hours a week with teenage girls. Sometimes I float to the adult unit …

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