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Cindy’s Story (Breast Cancer)

While going to college, at 39 years old, for surgical technology, I had a mammogram followed by a needle biopsy and then a surgical biopsy. Fortunately for me it was detected early and was also contained within a milk gland so it couldn’t spread, thus requiring no chemotherapy or radiation. …

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Mimz’s Story (Endometriosis)

I too struggled with endometriosis for years. Like many, my pain was ignored and I was told things like “it’s part of being a woman” and other comments like that. I was taking naproxen from the moment my period started until a couple days after it ended. I had a …

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Allison’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Hi! My name is Allison. I was diagnosed on my 34th birthday with stage 4 breast cancer with widespread bone metastasis, and on a recent CT scan they found a small lesion. I’ve had three collapsed vertebrae and have trouble walking because of the numerous bone lesions on my spine, …

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Vanessa’s Story (Endometriosis)

“Vanessa, remember you have endometriosis,” the doctor said. Those words swirled around in my head, but my mind refused to process the meaning behind them. My doctor eyes compassionately swept over my face, settling on my eyes. He patiently waited until his word sunk in; unfortunately they just wouldn’t. Firstly, …

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