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Mary’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Hi my name is Mary. I was 26 when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer! When I first discovered the lump I researched breast cancer on the internet. I didn’t think it was cancer because I did not have any of the symptoms, and I thought I was too …

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Cheryl’s Story (Breast Cancer)

I FOUGHT LIKE A GIRL WITH CHERYL WITTER! I was with CHERYL WITTER throughout her journey. I took Cheryl to her appointments, chemo, etc. I tried to make it fun for her and make her laugh (when it didn’t hurt). I would say, “Remember Dr. Boobs?”  In the chemo suite, …

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Nikki’s Story (Breast Cancer)

My mom is a two-time survivor. She was diagnosed at 37 and 52.  My sister is an ovarian cancer survivor at age 29.  Both grandmothers are also survivors; one of them is still fighting as she continues chemo and radiation.  Because of my strong family history, I get a mammogram …

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