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Darrah’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Darrah's Story (Breast Cancer)

My story really begins with my mom. She was diagnosed in June of 2007 and died October 1, 2007. She had no insurance except for state aid, which took care of the necessary tests, but the wait time in between her treatments was months because of her doctor seeking approval. …

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Erica’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Erica's Story (Breast Cancer) LR

My name is Erica Lambourg and I am a first generation Mexican-American born and raised in New Orleans and the oldest of three female siblings. On May 16, 2011 just two months shy of my 36th birthday, I was diagnosed with Stage II IDC Breast Cancer. My strict Catholic parents …

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Out of Control

One of the many battles I fight inside myself is control/perfection. I never really thought of myself as a perfectionists or control freak until my husband pointed out how upset I get when my hair doesn’t do what I want or the house isn’t just so or I burn something …

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