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One More Round

You’re in a boxing ring. You’re throwing punch after punch. You’re winning. You feel that rush that for that moment you’re on top. Just when you think you’ve got your opponent beat, it comes around with a left hook that catches you off guard and completely off balance. Your neck …

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Pam’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Pam's Story 2 (Breast Cancer) LR

My story is one of hope and empowerment for women. I have always been a trusting soul with the physicians whose care I am under and up until December of 1997, had never really questioned the advice I received from them. But, this situation was different. I had a deep …

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Amy’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Amy's Story 3 (Breast Cancer)

The news that I had stage 3 breast cancer hit me like a punch in the stomach. Forty-one, married, two kids, and a thriving practice. The words echoed in my head for what seemed like weeks. I felt, in the beginning, that I was living outside my body, watching as …

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Nicole’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Nicole's Story (Breast Cancer) LR

My story starts the same as many – youngish, 30-something girl living a single life, partying, late night eating, bad habits, and believing I’m invincible. Well… in april of 2009, cancer came a knockin’ on my door. Actually, it started a little earlier, August of 2008, when I was in …

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