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Women with Mesothelioma Cancer

Because mesothelioma is mostly diagnosed in people who worked in factories, power plants, auto repair facilities or in other similar industrial jobsites, it has a reputation as a “man’s disease”. And to a great extent, this is true. Mesothelioma affects three to four times more men than women, according to …

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Judy’s Story (Breast Cancer)

I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer in November of 2009. I survived 2 courses of chemo, a modified radical mastectomy, and radiation (8 long months) – finally received the great news that I was cancer free. Went back to work as soon as I could, back to real life!!! …

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Amy’s Story (Breast Cancer)

In 2008, at 25 years old, I noticed a lump in my right breast. I had an ultrasound that showed only swollen tissue. Because I was so young I was sent home with antibiotics for mastitis (an infection of the breast). After I completed the medication, the lump was still …

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Special Care

When you have been a cancer patient, doctors are generally a lot more cautious with you. If anything comes back with so much of a sniff of being abormal, everything tends to go into panic mode and no stone is left unturned. That’s how it feels sometimes anyway. I guess this is …

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