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Kim’s Story (Multiple Illnesses)

My name is Kim and I’m 27 years old. I’m not sure where to start with my story since there are so many facets to it. I grew up as the “super sensitive kid” who was labeled a hypochondriac. This was due to always complaining about hurting and being sensitive …

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Kate’s Story (Breast Cancer)

I just wanted to share my story to raise awareness for younger woman that though you’re likely to be cancer-free at younger ages, it CAN still happen. Last year I began noticing a spot on my right breast. It didn’t feel like a lump – it was just a darkening …

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Tattoos For a Cause Photo Contest 2011 Winners

The Fight Like a Girl Club is happy to announce the Winners of the Fight Like a Girl Club Tattoos for a Cause Photo Contest 2011. The Contest which ended at midnight EST on Monday, September 12, drew 158 entries ranging from beautiful butterflies to picturesque art to loving tributes …

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“Hope” by John

John Hope

I had a strained relationship with hope before my wife was diagnosed with cancer. To me, hope was a high waiting for a low, a fix with a nasty flipside. Far from the precious entity exalted by legions of poets and philosophers, hope was just another coordinate on the pain/pleasure …

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