Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome Stories

Remeka’s Fight Like a Girl Story (SMA Syndrome)


Sometime this year in July of 2016, I was diagnosed with SMA syndrome. After about 9 months to a year, or possibly longer, I finally had enough of feeling so sick and nauseated from the time I woke up til the time I went to sleep, vomiting here and there, dry heaving more than vomiting, and experiencing rapid weight loss. I had been to my primary doctor, who referred me to a GI. I had lots of tests, from H. pylori and CT scans, to endoscopy and colposcopy, to a celiac test and a whole lot more. Nothing was found, but I just kept getting sicker and more frustrated that the GI found nothing. Every time I talked to my primary doctor, she just went with whatever the GI said. I started to just make myself comfortable, eating what I could to keep my energy up. I went from trying a liquid diet to sometimes not eating at all. The pain was unbearable, eating or not eating. In June 2016, I collapsed at work. I couldn't take it anymore. I was so sick and weak, I had be rushed to the … [Read more...]

Karen’s Fight Like a Girl Story (SMA Syndrome)


So, seven years ago, I had lap band. I will not deny that, since then, I have still battled anorexia and bulimia. I have maintained the same weight for six years, though I can also say that, for the last three to four years, I've experienced this excruciating abdominal pain, which I thought was gas all along. Well, this past Super Bowl, Feb. 2016, I endured a pain that was so unbearable, I crawled back and forth from couch to bathroom, trying to vomit. My stomach was so distended, the docs told me it was going to pop. After allowing them to insert an NG tube, I put out two liters of stomach contents. I never knew for the last three to four years that I was experiencing the symptoms of SMA syndrome. We, as one, need to help each other as we suffer an illness no one understands. This syndrome is so rare as well. I will be seeing a specialist March 4th. Wish me luck. Karen New York Submitted 02/17/2016 The informational content of this article is intended to convey a personal … [Read more...]

Kelly’s Fight Like a Girl Story (SMA Syndrome, Gastroparesis)


I started out with gastroparesis in Aug. 2013, but it seems as though I have had it for years. My doctor was very neglectful in my treatment, and I got progressively worse. I ended up at the point where every time I ate, I was in pain or vomiting. My GI doctor, again, was neglectful. This turned into a fear of food and then got to a point where I actually could not eat at all. I was frustrated with my GI doctor and was at 87 lbs. I had had enough and called my sister, whose husband is in the medical field. He advised me to go see my family doc. This is what would save me. I got in the next day. My family doctor was horrified at my treatment from my GI doc. He immediately called his GI doc friend, and they both decided to get me in for a CT scan that day. Later that night, my family doc called and gave me the results: SMA syndrome. I was to meet with the new GI doc and a vascular surgeon within the week. I did not know what on earth SMA syndrome it was. So I started googling it, and … [Read more...]

Katrina’s Fight Like a Girl Story (SMA Syndrome)


I am 19 years old. I thought I was pretty healthy, but when I first started to feel it coming on a few months ago, I was horrified. I thought I had overdosed on nicotine, so I quit smoking. When that didn't work, I thought I was pregnant cuz I was getting so nauseous. Then it turned out not to be that either. I had already gone to the doctor for a blood pregnancy test. It came back negative. So I went to the doctor's, again. They did a pelvic exam and blood work. Everything came back normal. So I went home, thinking I just was sick. Then I quit eating so much food and tried to go for easily digestible foods like soup. I was also getting very dehydrated. I went back to the doctor's when nothing was working. They couldn't find anything wrong and thought that I just had acid reflux. They gave me medication for that. The doctor sent me home and told me that it should work within a week, and I should feel better. After a week, I felt slightly better, but I was still sick every single … [Read more...]

Kristina’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome)


Hi, my name is Sharon. I am a mom. First, let me say I admire all of the girls that have shared their story! My daughter, Kristina, is 20 years old and has been vomiting multiple times per day since February 26th. This happens every time she eats, not to mention the severe abdominal pain she struggles with. We have been to the ER, seen several gastrointestinal doctors, had an endoscopy, and she was told her throat was irritated (no joke, she's been vomiting every day for 3 weeks).She was told to take pantoprazole and come back in a month. She finally had a CT scan with contrast which was abnormal, and there were signs of Nutcracker Syndrome and SMAS. They said if the patient was symptomatic of these, an Upper GI should be done. She had an Upper GI, and apparently the person didn't know how to do it because after a surgeon reviewed it, he said the images were poor quality, and he couldn't conclude whether or not my daughter has this rare illness! At that time, we decided to seek a … [Read more...]