Pancreatic Cancer Stories

Teri’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Pancreatic Cancer)


My name is Teri. I’m a 38 year old married mother of  six. I have four children of my own and two stepchildren. I had an amazing life; I was a hair stylist by day and a mommy by night. I married the love of my life just nine short months before the worst day of my life. I was off to work and driving my daughter to school, when I glanced down and noticed that my skin was yellow. I quickly folded down the sun visor in my car and saw that the whites of my eyes were completely yellow. Of course, I was freaking out. I immediately made an appointment with the doctor. He ran lab work, and right before the office closed the nurse called to tell me my liver enzymes were very high, but they couldn't explain why. As the evening went on I became even more yellow.  My husband insisted that we go to the emergency room. After arriving at the hospital, they started doing the usual lab work. They did a CT scan, as well as a sonogram. It was after the sonogram that I started to feel a terrible … [Read more...]

Amey’s Story (Pancreatic Cancer)


I was a nurse for almost 20 years. In August 2004 while sitting in church I developed excruciating stomach pain. I was taken to our local hospital where they it was discovered I had idiopatic pancreatitis. From August 2004-July 2007, I had multiple surgeries and 32 hospital stays, the longest being 47 days. However, in all this time, no one could find the reason I kept developing this condition. I was sent to Medical University in Charleston, SC for stents to see if it would help but on my 6 week follow up it was discovered the stent had damaged the pancreatic duct and I would require surgery to repair. God sent a miracle that day for as I was in the operating room the dr discovered my problem; PANCREATIC CANCER. He removed my spleen and 1/2 of pancreas on this day, and within 2 weeks I was being sent back home to Georgia for my chemo and follow up care. There were days I was so sick, I felt like it was time to give up! But I made up my mind that I was NOT A QUITTER, God was on my … [Read more...]