Lymphoma Stories

Brigitte Estelle’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma)

Brigittes Story Non Hodgkins

My sister, Diane Gaudreault, is going through hard times living so far away in New Zealand. She shows so much strength when we call her to keep her closer to us! She is a great sister and an even greater human being to want to have around. She is caring, loves life, and loves animals, especially her dogs which she calls her babies!! I have always looked up to her. She has a way of enjoying life to its fullest. She goes to church, cancer meetings, tries to walk her dogs, anything to improve her days! 25 years ago, glioblastoma took our sister Lyne at the age of 28. And 4 years ago, Julie, our sister, was taken from us by brain cancer. So my sister Diane thrives on wanting to live positive and explore the challenges ahead, but in my heart, I empathize with her. I know she is thinking about our sisters during her treatments, and it must be very scary for her. And yet, the sister that I grew up with, watching her dance away with a smile, I can still hear it in her voice, even so far … [Read more...]

Jacqueline’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma)


Six years ago my mommy, my ROCK, was diagnosed with pre-stage (nearly unheard of catching this cancer so soon) small cell lung cancer. We weren't really surprised, you can't be when you know it runs in the family and she had been a life long smoker. But we were still devastated, how could you not be. Two months into chemo, I shaved her head for her. She took it like a champ, I silently cried behind her with the buzzers covering my sniffles. I told her I would shave my head with her and she turned around and gave me the "look of death" and said, "No, you won't. I want your promise here and now that you will never cut your hair." I promised her, and I have kept it. August 30, 2012, she passed away. She fought the good fight for five long years. It is incredible seeing that she only had a 23% survival rate from the Oncologist at the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Zion, Illinois. One year and 17 days later, I went to urgent care on a Tuesday evening after work. I had been … [Read more...]

Rose’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma)

Rose's Story (Non-hodgkin's lymphona)

Hello. In 2009, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I went through chemo and radiation, which I believe at the time made me sicker than the cancer itself. It was a long hard battle. In June of 2009, my cancer went into remission only to return stronger in September of 2009. Once again the treatments started in January of 2010 and I was sent home on home chemotherapy medications. We thought things were going well until I went to the emergency room with a simple stomach ache that I assumed was the flu. I was admitted to the hospital and after several test later the diagnoses was recurring non-Hodgkin's  lymphoma and my right lung was collapsing from the bottom up. Pulmonary Fibrosis, the nodules from the cancer had attached to an organ including the lungs, brain, and heart to name a couple. At this point nothing can be done. I have beat all their predictions and fought to stay around as along as I can. I have seven grand babies and I just can't stop fighting. I am … [Read more...]

Nancy’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma)


My name is Nancy Ruiz. I am a registered nurse and I have non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It has been a wild ride since the beginning of April 2012. What I thought was a cyst in my right axilla resulted in  an enormous multiple nodules suspicious for cancer. I had multiple sonograms and lab work-up. Sonograms always revealed the term "highly suggestive for malignancy." I was prescribed three weeks of intense antibiotic therapy, hoping that these abnormal nodules were related to a severe infectious process. After three weeks my doctor and radiologist determined that finally I needed a PET scan to determine if there was a malignant process in my body. On May 4, 2012. a PET/CT was done. I remember looking at my primary care doctor in her eyes with my hand's held in hers asking me, "How do I tell this to a nurse?" She continued, "Be kind to yourself. It’s a hard thing and not something you expected to have happen. You really need to rely on your family and friends. Be honest with them about your … [Read more...]

Kelly’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma)

Kelly's Story (Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma) LR

On my 49th birthday I spent the day with my surgeon checking suspicious lumps that I had found. It was no big deal, except they found out I had B-cell, stage two Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Happy Birthday (and it was)! After four rounds of chemo, I fight the good fight, but I do not fight for me, oh no! I fight for my husband, precious children, and grand children, they are my life! As soon as I put it in God’s hands, there was a peace that passes all understanding. I am in good hands and thank God for it. I find my courage from all of you beautiful women!! I am truly humbled to be part of your family. Stand strong and FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!!! Kelly Arkansas Submitted 7-16-2013 The informational content of this article is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice. … [Read more...]

Sarah’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma)

Sarah's Story (Hodgkin's Lymphoma) LR

In September 2010, I was 20 years old, and my lower hip started hurting at nighttime. Only at nighttime would my hip hurt. Then in October my back started hurting, and then my legs. The pain would be so unbearable that I would have to take four aspirin at night to go to sleep, and heat up a water bottle and lay it on my back. I would wake up crying from the pain. But I couldn't go to the doctor because my family had no insurance. In 2011 I had started another semester of college. One day my dad got approved for full work benefits, so we all got insurance. My mom had taken me to a few hospitals and I was diagnosed with several things; a sports injury, fibromyalgia, and finally the ever popular, "it’s all in your head" story. My mom graduated from nursing school the year before, she had a friend who was a doctor. She took down all my symptoms and then suggested I had mono (which is a kissing disease ), so she was going to give me a blood test. After my blood was taken, she called me … [Read more...]

Crystal’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Cancer)

Crystal's Story (Cancer) LR

Hello, my name is Crystal. I am a three time cancer survivor. I had Hodgkin's disease at age 14, schwannoma at 18, and thyroid cancer at 26. I had the treatments of chemotherapy, radiation, and bone marrow. I have had my spleen removed, and a lump removed from my neck. This caused me to stay in the hospital for three to four weeks. I lost my hair, went from 117 lbs to 75 lbs, lost the enamel off my teeth, and I fainted all the time. It took me a long time to get back to my normal life. After 4 years I was diagnosed with schwannoma (cancer of the lining of the nerve). I went for a checkup, and they found it under my right arm. I went in for a biopsy, but had to wait for my slides to come back from Boston. It took three weeks to get a diagnoses and it came back cancerous. The doctors wanted me to do chemotherapy and radiation again. However, I was 18 and graduating, so I completely refused all treatment. My doctor's were speechless. They gave me 50/50 chance to live or die. I still … [Read more...]

Holly’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Lymphoma)

Holly's Story (Lymphoma) LR

I was diagnosed with lymphoma on Feb 1st 2012, after nine months of being told my health issues were all in my head or due to menopause. Finally, someone figured out what was wrong with me. Relief! Oh my God, I have cancer. Fear! Biopsy, scans, port, and then five months of chemo. Now I’m on maintenance drugs for 2 years. But I’m alive! A few weeks after chemo land, my husband lost his job. He had worked for his corporation for 39 years. They did a dirty deed and instead of laying off, they revised their handbook drug testing policy and did a surprise blanket drug test. They wanted to save money by firing as many employees as they could. Upper management where exempt of course. He failed because he had a trace of THC in his results. He had inhaled a few puffs of marijuana five days before the test. Of course I blame myself. My fault! The stress he was under taking care of me and working 10-12 days took its toll. I encouraged him to go hang out with his friends for a few … [Read more...]

Trish’s Fight Like A Girl Club (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma)

Trish's Story (Non-Hodgkins's Lumphoma) LR

I would like to tell you a little bit about me and my journey with the big 'C' and let you know that if you live, you will laugh again and it will be even funnier each time you think about it. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I always thought that I would never get cancer. And if I did, it would be the dreaded lung cancer (yes I was a smoker for 30 years) and it would take me quick. But no such luck with me. In fact, this is when I first started realizing that God truly has a sense of humor!! Of course you don’t learn to laugh and make fun of yourself until it is just about over. I am a 7 year survivor of Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which had eaten my C7 vertebrae AND it had the nerve to take up residence in my spleen, so it wasn’t looking good. You would have to know me to understand how much of a total klutz I am. In fact, it is so bad that I can be walking on a smooth surface and suddenly trip and fall when it should be impossible. It all started with a Christmas party at work; … [Read more...]

Janice’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma)

Janice's Story (Hodgkin) LR

When I was 35, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, borderline stage 3. I went through 9 months of chemotherapy consisting of (ABVD) Adramycin, Bleomycin, Vinblastine, and Dacarbazine. Luckily I had a wonderful doctor in Columbia, Missouri at Ellis Fischel. That was 14 years ago. It’s hard. It really is. You just have to tell yourself you will fight it and take life one day at a time. Upon much reflection, I had really good doctors, nurses, and a husband that stood by me - not to mention a town that really supported my fight. I thank God every day that I fought like a girl! Janice Missouri Submitted 9-29-2012 The informational content of this article is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice. … [Read more...]