Kidney Disease Stories

Jessica’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Dialysis/Kidney Failure)


Hello world, where do I start? Well my name is Jess and I am 24 year old. As a baby I started to have kidney problems at 13 year old. The doctor told my beautiful mother that I would need to be put on dialysis. My mother told them no, and she said to please come up with a better option. When I was 14 year old my mother got tested to see if she can give me a kidney but she was not my match. My daddy also got tested but he was not a match. Finally, my sister was tested and she was my match. October 18, 2004 was the day that my life changed and my sister gave me a kidney. I was really happy that I took good care of that kidney until last year February 27, 2013. I can remember everything as if it were yesterday which was on a Wednesday. I had went to the doctor for a follow up weeks before, I was already feeling sick and was trying so hard not too tell anyone. Every time I came from work I went to sleep, I kept loosing weight, and I was not eating. I didn't have any energy to do … [Read more...]

Donna’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Kidney Disease)


My story began last year. Although I never had my kidneys checked I knew something was wrong. Out of nowhere I would have very bad pain. Last year in 2013, I was admitted to the hospital for a foot infection that was so bad the ER doctor ran into my room and said your body carries some white cells but in my body there were 42,000! I was admitted to the hospital. I drifted in and out just enough to hear the doctor say something about surgery. I assumed it was for my foot but next thing I knew I woke up to my body looking like a blimp. Anyway, they rushed me into surgery again. When I woke up there were there were tubes coming out of my chest. Weird, I thought. I asked the nurse what was going on. She said they were for dialysis.Wait a minute, I was sent to the hospital for a foot infection and what the heck was dialysis. When the nurse told me, I said I knew nothing about kidney disease or dialysis and  that the machines sounded like they were used for chemo patients. Anyhow, they … [Read more...]

Melinda’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Kidney Failure)


My name is Melinda, I'm a wife and mother. I discovered I had kidney failure in the year of 2007. I was tired and sick all the time. One night while my husband was out of town working, I had bad stomach pain. I couldn't handle it so I went to the ER with my mother. The doctor did a lot of test and found that I had  a lot of protein in my urine. They also told me that my kidneys aren't functioning correctly. I was referred to a nephrologist and I learned I was stage 3 kidney failure. I had no idea what was going on. In my opinion I thought maybe I had cancer because I had recently lost my brother to kidney cancer. It was really hard for me to process that I was sick. Everyday for me is a battle of sick days, good days, happy days, angry days, and I even have why me days. My husband and kids are what get me through those hard days. Without them I don't know what I'd be like. In 2009, I learned I was pregnant. I had kidney failure and I was pregnant. The doctors said that it wasn't … [Read more...]

Rachael’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Nephrotic Syndrome)


Hi my name is Rachael. I'm 22 years old and I was diagnosed with FSGS nephrotic syndrome in April of 2012. I knew I was sick when I was in year 12 (2009). I would get stomach pains on a regular basis I was told by doctors that there wasn't anything wrong with me and that it was just period pain. The pain started to get worse and traveled to my back and ribs. I then decided to go and see a different doctor but they where all saying the same thing; it was stress from HSC or period pain. When I had finished year 12 the pains had stopped for a while but I still knew my body and knew there was something wrong. I was getting sick every time I drank alcohol even if it was one cruiser. Then in February of 2012, I got engaged and started planning my engagement party which was set for 26th of April. On that night my feet swelled up and I just figured it was because I had been on them all day so I swapped my high heels for thongs. The next day my legs had started to swell and I knew there was … [Read more...]

Brenda’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Kidney Disease)

Brenda's Story (Kidney Disease) LR

My name is Brenda Brown. I am a 45 year old single mom of three, living in Abbotsford, BC Canada. I've been blogging about my story for almost a year now. I have chronic kidney disease with rapid decline that started in the spring of 2012. I went from 28% kidney function to 6%, and started peritoneal dialysis in August 2012. Meanwhile I was added to the kidney transplant list and was told it would be 8-10 years before I might get a transplant unless a family member or friend decided to donate a kidney for me. So my 23yr old daughter decided she wanted to give me her kidney. Unfortunately, I have a lot of anti-bodies and we weren't a match. My peritoneal dialysis started to fail and I ended up in the emergency room the week before Christmas 2012, and I had to get another catheter to allow me to do hemodialysis. I now go into the hospital three days a week for a four hour treatment with each visit. This has allowed me to feel better, to continue to work, as I am a single mom with … [Read more...]