Gastroparesis Stories

Kelly’s Fight Like a Girl Story (SMA Syndrome, Gastroparesis)

Kelly's Story SMA Syndrome and Gastroparesis

I started out with gastroparesis in Aug. 2013, but it seems as though I have had it for years. My doctor was very neglectful in my treatment, and I got progressively worse. I ended up at the point where every time I ate, I was in pain or vomiting. My GI doctor, again, was neglectful. This turned into a fear of food and then got to a point where I actually could not eat at all. I was frustrated with my GI doctor and was at 87 lbs. I had had enough and called my sister, whose husband is in the medical field. He advised me to go see my family doc. This is what would save me. I got in the next day. My family doctor was horrified at my treatment from my GI doc. He immediately called his GI doc friend, and they both decided to get me in for a CT scan that day. Later that night, my family doc called and gave me the results: SMA syndrome. I was to meet with the new GI doc and a vascular surgeon within the week. I did not know what on earth SMA syndrome it was. So I started googling it, and … [Read more...]

Jessica’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Gastroparesis)

Jessica's Story Gastroparesis

Hi, I am Jessica, and I am almost 18 years old. I have not been diagnosed with anything yet, but last year, I was 98% sure I had Gastroparesis, based on my own research. I had a 2-hour gastric emptying study, and it came back with no abnormalities. Gastroparesis is the one and only illness that fits my puzzle exactly. Please let me know if you think it sounds like I have it. I have been suffering for a little over three years, since the beginning of 2012. I vomit at least 20 to 30 times a day, every single day. I am always nauseated, and mornings are the worst because it makes me not even want to wake up. I am always tired, and I get confused more easily. I am beyond weak and get exhausted from only running eight feet or climbing up four steps. My abdominal region is always hurting, as if something inside of me is trying to get out with a knife. I also hurt in my back and in my rib cage. I vomit right after I eat, sometimes 35 minutes after, and I vomit every morning before I eat. … [Read more...]

Sydney’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Gastroparesis)

Green Ribbon

I started having digestive problems the summer before I began high school. It started off with a minor upset tummy every time I ate and grew over time. With celiac disease in the family, my first instinct was to eliminate gluten and get tested. When this came back negative, we proceeded with more tests to try to pinpoint the source of my nausea and discomfort. I had X-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, and multiple endoscopes and colonoscopies. Meanwhile, my symptoms were just getting worse. It has come to the point where everything that I put in my mouth causes me to be on the floor, crying in pain. I feel extremely full and bloated, like I just ate a 5 course meal. My stomach gets so distended that my mom says I look five months pregnant. I sit by the toilet, salivating with the urge that I am going to be sick. Nothing, not even water, can go down without causing these symptoms. I wake up every morning dreading the thought of having to live another day like this. My energy level is so low … [Read more...]

Allison’s Fight Like a Girl Story (RSD/CRPS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), Gastroparesis/Intestinal Dysmotility/DTP, POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)/Dysautonomia)

Allison's Story RSD etc

Unbroken Spirit in a Broken Body Barely conscious, lying motionless, sounds of hurried conversation and hospital machines loudly blare as my heart rate skyrockets beyond 160, my blood pressure falls past 70/30, and my fever spikes to 105. In the ICU, fluids are vigorously pumped into my thin veins as my eyes begin to swell shut, and a blood transfusion begins. Once again, doctors surround my painfully frail and ailing body as I try to comprehend yet another harrowing situation, in which I pray to God that I will evade death once more, for I am only 24. Writhing in agony, I mentally recall moments from the past 9 years in which I've endured the treacherous daily battles from severe cases of full body RSD/CRPS, POTS/Dysautonomia and Gastroparesis/DTP, among other illnesses, all of which cause countless unmanageable symptoms and relentless excruciating pain every moment of my life. Sweet 16 was a dream that never was, for the raging fire, RSD, set me ablaze, maliciously burning from … [Read more...]

Cari’s Fight Like a Girl Story (GP, RA, Sjogrens, Raynauds)

Cari's Story GP RA etc

Exactly 1 year ago, my life went from gaining a 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo to a life of pain. Doctors kept thinking it was all in my head, but I pressed on for answers. One visit to a rheumatology doctor brought forth a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogrens, Raynaud's, and multiple organ prolapses. In April, I had a rectocele repair that would rupture 3 weeks later. In July, I went to Mayo to get 2nd opinion regarding prolapses. I had a hysterectomy while there. Back home, 3 weeks after surgery, I couldn't eat or drink without nausea, vomiting, and extreme fullness. Local doctor thought it was delayed gastric emptying and said to try Reglan. I had a reaction to it and had to discontinue. Back to Mayo, GI doctor did a scope, confirmed gastroparesis and said, change your diet. Today, in October, I ended up in the ER for extreme pain. They gave me a shot, and then she said she needed to go deal with "real emergencies." I'm in so much pain and have nowhere to turn. … [Read more...]