Uterine Cancer

Coffee and Uterine Cancer


Drinking coffee has its pros and cons. People who drink coffee have a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and gallbladder disease, but the caffeine can cause problems for people with heart disease, hypertension, insomnia, and anxiety. Now, a new study shows that women can lower their risk of getting cancer of the uterus by drinking coffee – which may be of benefit for women at high risk for this disease. Cancer of the uterus or endometrial cancer is a common cancer in women that starts in the endometrium or lining of the uterus. Women who are obese, have diabetes, eat a high-fat diet, use hormone replacement therapy, or who were never pregnant are at higher risk for this disease. Some women are also at a greater risk of endometrial cancer due to family history. Using data from the Iowa Women’s Healthy Study – a study that involved over 23,000 women, researchers from the Mayo Clinic found that postmenopausal women who drank more than 2.5 cups of coffee each day had a … [Read more...]