Cervical Cancer

Your Body, Your Pap Smear, Your Responsibility!


Do you dread that most personal of check-ups, the Cervical Pap Smear? It is no secret - for most women, it is one of the most dreaded routine checks they will go through. There is always the temptation to put it off, but please think twice before postponing that appointment! It may not be a pleasant experience, but it is a necessary one and it could just mean the difference between life-and-death. Detecting abnormal cells as soon as possible greatly improves the chances of early treatment. Not all cell changes mean they are of the cancerous type but only a pap smear will determine this. Abnormal cervical cells, also called cervical dysplasia, can often take 5 years, or more, to turn cancerous but if left undetected, thus untreated, dysplasia sometimes progresses to an early form of cancer known as cervical carcinoma in situ, and eventually to invasive cervical cancer.  Dysplasia can be detected from a Pap smear, the single most important step that a woman can take to prevent … [Read more...]