Alma’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Rectal Cancer)


Rectal Cancer StoryAt the age of 44 I was diagnosed with stage three rectal cancer. My husband and I were raising three children. They each reacted in a different way. The oldest acted out, the middle one talked to friends, and the youngest got sick. It’s amazing how people react to bad news.

I just looked at the doctor and said where do we go from here. I had surgery, and then radiation, and chemo. My mother died 13 months after I was diagnosed from colon cancer. She didn’t try to fight! I am now getting ready to turn 63 this month. Two years ago I had a stroke, and I’ve survived that also. I was back at work within two weeks. I work with little ones and they are some of the best medicine in the world. Fight Like A Girl Club is great. Thanks for asking me to share my story.

Submitted 08/09/2013

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  1. Alma, you are one strong woman, you are survivor and you have a lot of life to live . Enjoy it you are never alone we other survivors are holding your hand! Love ya!

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