Alexandra’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Breast Cancer)


Alexandra's Story (Breast Cancer)For four years I had been complaining something was wrong in my breasts. Over this time, I had several mammograms, sonographies, and three MRIs. Still I was being told no suspicious images were found, even when my left nipple was leaking pus, and I could feel a nodule under my right nipple. The doctor literally said she was not worried because cancer never happens on both sides!

I kept insisting I felt a pain from my nipple towards my underarm, and the left nipple was leaking pus and blood. They finally agreed to do a biopsy. I was diagnosed in January 2010 with stage 2 cancer in the right breast and stage 3 cancer in the left breast. It had become invasive, and spread to the lymph nodes. The PET scan showed a “shadow” on my liver and right arm bone.

I had a double mastectomy, followed by chemo, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, and now hormonal therapy. I am in remission today and after four surgeries I am almost finished with my breast reconstruction process.

Submitted 7-15-2013

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  1. Betty Massell says:

    So sorry Alexandra you went through all that. If only the doctors would have listened to you . I am a Registered nurse and I have to say…. I listen to my patients!!! You are strong! God Bless you! Stay positive! Stay strong:)

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