Nikki’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Breast Cancer)


Breast Cancer Story I was diagnosed in February 2009 with invasive ductal carcinoma (breast cancer).

In March 2009, I had a bilateral mastectomy. I am now almost a three year survivor!!!! Cancer touched my breast, so I kicked its butt!!

Now my sister Patti is going through chemo for colon cancer. Also, my other sister Terrie was just diagnosed with invasive globular carcinoma (breast cancer).

I know they too are going to kick cancers butt!!!!

Submitted 12-12-2012

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  1. Kay Phelan Neal says:

    Nikki….thank you for your story. I too was diagnosed in June 2013 with invasive ductal carcinoma…Haven’t had any surgery yet…but I too am FIGHTING LIKE A GIRL and will kick cancers butt! :)

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