Gayle’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Breast Cancer)


Breast Cancer Story In May of 2010, I was 52 years old. I had always gotten my annual mammogram. One morning as I awoke I felt a prompting from the Lord to touch my left breast. As I did so, I felt a large hard lump. I don’t know how I knew it, but I immediately knew it was cancer. The next day I made an appointment with my Gyn doctor. She tried a needle biopsy. This was not successful so, she scheduled a visit with a surgeon. With an ultrasound guided core biopsy he was able to get the sample. He told me he was sure this was cancer, and gave me my option’s for treatment.

I didn’t have to think much as there was a strong family history of cancer. I chose a mastectomy. After surgery I was informed I would need chemo and radiation as the type of cancer was triple negative stage 2, high grade. I did almost 9 months of treatment, and today I am cancer free! I credit my family and my strong faith in Jesus Christ for getting me through the worst time in my life. If it wasn’t for all the support I would have given up. Today, I am now supporting my mother who was diagnosed with multiple melanoma last year. I come from a family of fighters, and we will win!

Gayle N
Submitted 1-20-2013

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  1. Jenifer Niederwerfer says:

    The beginning of your story is similar to mine. At the end of January 2012 it was the night before my partial knee replacement surgery. I was laying in bed praying, because I was nervous about surgery in the AM. Then I felt like God told me to do a breast exam (which I was never good at doing on a regular basis). I found a lump. I freaked out, then prayed more. I got through my knee surgery, and a few weeks later went into my OB/GYN, and went through a mammogram and ultra sound and then was sent for a biopsy. On March 8, 2012 I was Diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer, and went on to have a double mastectomy with reconstruction, then 6 rounds of chemo, and 5 1/2 weeks of radiation. THEN between Chemo and Radiaion, I wrecked my motorcycle and broke both of my legs. The ONLY way I got through it all was FULLY relying on GOD! I grew so much closer to Him, my husband, and my friends during this journey! GOD IS GOOD!

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