Carla’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Breast Cancer)


Breast Cancer Story I was visiting my mom and dad for our family’s normal Sunday afternoon dinner on December 16th. I asked my mom to feel my breast. It was hard, inflamed, and blood was coming from the nipple. I went to the doctor the next day and they did a mammogram. The radiologist did a scan, and a sample was taken from the nipple.

The scans were within normal range, but the sample showed that I had abnormal cancer cells. A biopsy was done and they found that inflammatory breast cancer was evident. Mind you, it did not show up on the mammogram, so when tests were done after the holidays it was already a Stage IV. I have the rarest form of breast cancer there is.

I am very scared, but I have my family and the support of the doctors at MD Anderson Houston in Texas. I am only one week into chemo but feel like I can beat this inflammatory breast cancer. I will beat cancer soon!

Submitted 1-31-2013

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Carla, my first symptom of IBC was just a mild rash. It was caught a little faster than yours, stage 3, because I just happened to have a doctor appointment for something else and asked the doctor to look at the rash. I went through chemo, mastectomy, and radiation, the journey you are just beginning. Unfortunately, in my case, just a few months after treatment, I had a recurrence on my spine, so I am now stage 4, also. Women need to be educated about inflammatory breast cancer, as there are no early (stage 1 or 2) signs, it often has no lump and doesn’t show on mammograms. Be strong, treatment is rough but you can do it. Lean on God and family. God bless.

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