Johnsie’s Fight Like a Girl Story


Pearl Lung Cancer Ribbon It’s coming up on the 2nd anniversary of my mothers death, 2 days after my birthday! I truly believe that, even though she had health problems, that she died from a broken heart. Although, my parents had been divorced for 26 years, she still loved my Father!

The thing is my father died in March 2009 of lung cancer, which of course spread everywhere else. When he was fighting cancer, he was always optimist! But, I believe that he knew it would eventually take his life. After his death I believe that she just gave up and really wanted to die also! I am just so sad that I lost them both in the same year!!

As my birthday nears, I dread the date to come and go, with all the feelings and fear of a future without them!! I drove by there old homes this week. I decided that am going to spend this weekend at the beach, where I grew up with my Father! I know they are watching over me, but I miss them so very much, even at 47!!!!

Johnsie L
North Carolina
Submitted 8-2-2012

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  1. Johsie, my Daddy died 12 years ago this past Tues. June 18th 2 weeks after my 1st miscarriage…he is always on my mind…Love never fades and the pain will ease!! LOVE to you and yours!!!!

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