Christie’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Breast Cancer)


Christie's Story (Breast Cancer)My story is nothing special. I was diagnosed with stage 3 HER2+ breast cancer 1 day before my 34th birthday.

I spent my birthday at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo NY. I was scared as hell. I had a feeling it was cancer. I first found a lump 1 year before being diagnosed. The mammogram doctor told me it was just a bruise. If it went away within 1 month I didn’t have to go back for a follow up. It went away, so I didn’t go back.

About 3 months later, I felt it again. This time it was bigger. I called my doctor. She sent me back for another mammogram. This time a biopsy was done. It was cancer. I went to Roswell for some tests, and they found more. I went through chemo first because, where it was located (near my nipple), my doctor was afraid I would lose my nipple. He wanted to try and shrink it before surgery – which he was able to do, from 3.5 cm to 1.5 cm. I had to have 2 lumpectomies and radiation done, along with 1 year of herceptin treatments.

I am now a 1 year survivor. And I thank god everyday for my life.

I fought hard because ‘I fight like a girl’!!!!

New York
Submitted 5-25-2012

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  1. connie cossar says:

    I was diagnosed last year with triple negative breast cancer, had 16 wks chemo, lumpectomy, 8 more weeks of red devil chemo, then 6 weeks radiation, I thank God today because I claim to be cancerfree. Hang in there because I know the light in front of all of us girls that continue to fight is gonna always be the brightest. I am 49 yrs old and my Jesus is gonna let me live a long time to come. Good luck and keep fighting girl!!!!!!

  2. Linda Johnson says:

    Wow Christie, I can so relate to your story. Every since I started my periods I had told every Dr. I went to that during my period I had a lump under my arm. Every Dr. told me it was probably just a swollen lymph node. I had yearly mammograms and nothing ever showed up on them. In 2007, after lifting something heavy the lump became sore and my new Dr. sent me for a ultrasound. They immediately did a biopsy and found that it was breast cancer. The tumor was 6cm and I was diagnosed stage 3C. After the mastectomy, chemo and radiation I was cancer free for 4 and a half years. Last year at my annual check up my Dr. noticed my tumor markers were elevated and ordered a scan. Sure enough the evil cells had taken up residence in my adrenal gland. In march I finished up another 4 rounds of chemo. I am on a daily oral drug now indefinitely at stage 4. I am so happy that you were persistent. I wish I would have known enough to insist earlier on an ultrasound. Keep up the fight girl!!!

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